Friday, July 1, 2011

Camera Strap

Just a short note to show you what I've been doing today.
 I have a new camera that has a  strap.  I'm trying very hard to use it so I don't drop my camera. As I get older I seem more clumsy. Anyway, in this heat, I can't stand it around my neck. It's rough and makes me sweat!  UGH!!  So today in less than two hours,   I solved that problem. I made a new camera strap with a little padding for comfort and it feels much better.  I think I may make one for all seasons.  Wouldn't that be fun!!  I found the basic directions  here, although I changed mine up a little. She took her old camera strap apart, but I wasn't about to do that. Mine just slips over the original strap. And, I used smaller pieces She used 5" squares of five fabrics and I used 5" x 21/2" .  I just liked the look of the smaller pieces better.  Then, I didn't have any adhesive fleece so I used a thin quilt batting and a thin backing.  There is another tutorial  here that uses a solid piece of fabric and it would be easier than the one I did.  I like the way it brightens up my camera!!  It felt good to be creative today!


  1. What a great idea! Of course, what took you 2 hours would probably take me 2 days! The new strap really personalizes your camera.

  2. I love it! I saw a lady yesterday with a strap cover. Your's is much prettier! Love the colors!


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