Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picture Color - Days 27 -30

This is finally it, we're heading to the end of Picture Color. 

Day 27 - Going Back In time
We were to take a picture knowing that we wanted to process it to look like a vintage shot. I don't do a lot of processing, I pretty much like my photos straight out of the camera. This was a learning experience for me and I really had fun with it. I only have the free Picnik editing program, but there was plenty to work with. I decided to show you the original photo and the edited version. I took the chair and the quilt pictures on this day and the other two were out of my achieves.
In picnik I used a film grain and a 1960's effect.

This is an old house I spotted downtown on one of my photo shooting days. On it I used a cross-processing effect.

This is a replica of an old mill in Pugh's Park. I thought this one had a lot of contrasting shades in it, so I tried a sepia effect.

This was my favorite of the favorite quilt made by my grandmother and my favorite place to sit outside. I used a holga-ish and a vignette effect. 

Day 28 - The Color Of Happy
Colors make us feel many ways. We were to seek out our happy colors today! I wandered around thinking about happy...what makes me happy...were am I happy. I'm always happy in my craft room. Fabrics fill a good portion of the room. This is my jar of mini fabric scraps. These little bits of past projects make me happy. I like the word "fabrics" on that little selvage scrap.

Day 29 - Sunrise, Sunset
Sunrise and sunset photos are among the most beautiful! I love the soft light of the morning sunrise and the brilliant colors of the sunset. Since I'm not always up at sunrise, I chose the sunset! You can see the rest of the pictures I took that night here.

Day 30 - Piecing It All Together
As an end to Picture Color we were to use our imagination and think of a way to mix and match colors together. I decided to do a collage of some of my favorite Picture Color images. 

That's it...Picture Color!!
I think I've learned more about myself in this class than any others. I've also learned to enjoy and appreciate every single color!

Take a few minutes and enjoy colors today!!


  1. I'ms sad that picture color is over! I have so much enjoyed looking at all your photos! I love the way you put the old chair in front of the barn! But my favorite is also the quilt on the swing. The shot just needs you and a good book!

  2. I agree with Patty. But I am so glad that we can go back and take another look because you took time to blog your photos. I like how the vinatage prints came out. I will have to try that.


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