Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exploring With A Camera - Repeating Patterns

It's time again for another Exploring With a Camera with Kat Saloma at KatEye View.  This exploration involves finding repeating patterns. If you think about it repeated patterns are everywhere, but unless we really stop and look for them, we often just don't see them.
One of most common repetition patterns is in buildings.  I live out of the city and I just couldn't make myself go down town to photography patterns.  It is so hot and going down there with all that concrete and still, humid air was just unthinkable.  So I visited a nearby small town and took this photo of their county courthouse.  I've always liked the clock tower and you can see many patterns here...the windows and their facings, the decorative brick work and arches, and even repeating clocks.

I also found a simple repetition at a local playground, in the bars and in the shadow. I love to find interesting shadows!!

Not only do these spindles, on my daughter's lovely porch, repeat a pattern, but they also repeat colors. 
When you first look at the above photo you see a staircase. It's in an old courthouse built in 1874.  It's a beautiful one with a handcarved railing, but when you look further you see repeated patterns...the spindles in the banister, the wood strips in the bead board, the steps, and you can even see repeated shadows below the steps.
This one is not an exact repetition, but I just loved the canoes all resting, waiting to be out on the water.

Look around you today, find a little repetition and enjoy the beauty of it!!  Then come join us at Kat's Exploring With a Camera, it is so fun and I'm learning so much!!


  1. Oh, Cathy, I do love the stairway in the courthouse....oh, and the canoes. Just wonderful....your repeating patterns!

  2. Great repeating patterns! Love the playground and canoe shots!

  3. You found so many great patterns! I really like the canoes - not a perfect pattern but great repetition! Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera. See you tomorrow for a new exploration!


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