Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wow!! What A Week!!

Things have been busy and stressful this week.  My Mom was in the hospital for five days.  Life throws you some tough times when you least expect it.  But, she's better and back home!!   So relieved!!  
So, I thought I'd just sit down for a little while, relax, and spend some time in my Corner.  I finished a couple of layouts early last week, but didn't get them posted.  So, I'm playing a little catch up.

The layouts are of my 3 years old twin grandsons, Drew and Josh. These guys are so much fun. They always make me laugh.  I do a lot of their layouts similar, since they are always playing and doing the same thing.  I'm going to start making a big effort to make their pages different, because although they are always together, they are unique. The day I took these pictures, I was keeping them while Mom, Dad and older brother, Jake, were on a cub scout camp out. They had the best time driving their vehicles.  Drew likes the Buck and Josh likes the Jeep.

The first layout is Drew, he's the older twin, very quiet with a touch of orneriness.

Then, there's Josh. He's funny, but quite sensitive.

Looking back at all the pictures made me smile!!

Hope this day has brought a smile to your face!!


  1. These did bring a smile to my face, and I sure needed a smile! I love the pages with all the "picture squares." I need to get copies of them. Thanks for sharing. Patty


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