Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sewing Project Finished

I have always loved aprons! Any color, any style. I just finished this one for my daughter. I love the retro fabric that my daughter-in-law helped me pick out for her. They're some of my daughter's favorite colors. This pattern is from the 60's and is called "Singapore Sling". I thought it turned out well.
Here's a couple more with sentimental value.

This apron belongs to my Grandmother. It's made out of feed sacks. It has been worn and washed so much that it is thin and soft. I remember she always had on an apron. I can see her sitting in the dining room snapping beans or out back shucking corn.

Of course, this apron is a favorite of mine. My Mom made this one for me!  It's not a simple apron pattern. It took a lot of time to stitch all the embroidery and hand applique the pieces. I'm pretty sure my sister has one, also. I guess Mom must have been very busy while my sister and I were napping.  This brings back so many memories of things my Mom made for us. She is such a talented person. Love her so much!!


  1. These are absolutely fabulous! I love the one you made for you daughter! I just love aprons! I refuse to vacuum without one on! LOL!

  2. YEA! I love my new apron! Can't wait to see it in person. I guess you've been busy today. Thanks for making an apron just for me!

  3. Patty, you are welcome! Bringing it up soon!


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