Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopping Trip

I just had to share this.  Let me say up front, that I DO NOT like to shop.  It is one of the things I dread the most. I am not a shopper.  For me to buy anything it has to be on the end of the rack and leap into my arms!! Sale racks give me a panic attack!!  When I buy something, I wear it forever.  I don't want to go back and shop for new things.  Therefore, you can guess that I'm not a trendy person.  Just a quiet, reserved dresser.  Black skirt, navy skirt, several blouses to go with each.  You get the picture!  Anyway, my hubby needed some shorts for a trip we are taking, so I bit the bullet and went today.  I conquered the sale racks!  In this store they were very organized by size and the size was on the top of the hanger.  YEAH!!  Instead of digging through many racks, I only had to look through a few.  Now to the good part.  Here's what I bought.

2 pair shorts for hubby - 38.00 each - sale 19.99 each
khaki jean jacket for me - 40.00 - sale 5.99
t-shirt for me - 9.98 - sale 2.99
black shoes - 24.99 - sale 14.99
Adidas flip flops - 29.99 - sale 14.99

total : 180.96  -  SALE PRICE - 78.94

How about that!!!  Not only did I conquer shopping, but I did it right.  Everything on sale!!  It feels good to conquer something we don't like to do!!  That's all, just had to brag.


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  1. You should get bargain shopper of the year!! Where the black shoes for Daddy? Haha! That is worth bragging on!


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