Friday, August 20, 2010

Treasures on Thursday

On several blogs I have been seeing "Wordless Wednesday."  When a photo is posted with no words or just a few words. Letting the photo speak for itself. Well, I probably don't have enough photos that speak without a few words. Although I am fascinated by wordless pictures, I just like to talk about mine. Therefore, I decided to post a Treasure on Thursdays. This will be a picture of something in or around my corner (home) that I enjoy. Mostly it will probably be from a collection or part of a collection. I read somewhere that if you have three of one thing, it is a collection.  I do have many collections. So here's today's photo.

Three generations of thimbles to be exact.
From left to right:
 My Mom's (showing some wear, there are two small holes in the top, she is a seamstress and quilter)
My Grandmother's (very worn, the finish is completely worn off, she was a seamstress and quilter)
Mine (very shiny, not used much, I don't use a thimble very often)
My Aunt Marie's (her's is worn also and is very tiny, although it doesn't look small in the picture).
My thimbles are kept in a box made from a sewing machine drawer that hangs in my craft room.
I'll show that next Thursday.


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  1. Love the thimbles! Makes you wonder how many hours were logged on those thimbles. Quite a lot to have holes in them! Looking forward to the next Treasure Thursday!


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