Monday, August 30, 2010

Queen Whilhelmina Rod Run

Just returned from a great trip. We participated in the Queen Wilhelmina Rod Run.  Queen Wilhelmina is a State Park in the Ouachita Mountains near Mena, Arkansas. Mena is a small town, but a very friendly town. We've been to the rod run three years and have always had a good time.  The cars are parked at the state park where you can walk around and look them over. There were about 180 cars this year.  Went with some good friends and met more good friends on the mountain.
This was without doubt the MOST beautiful vehicle there...OK, I'll be honest maybe not the most beautiful...OK, it's ours so I can brag on it!  It's a 1940 Ford pickup. We pull a small trailer. I know that seems strange when we have the bed of the truck, but hubby allows nothing in that bed. After all, it is cherry oak. Wouldn't want to scratch that!! It is really pretty, about 8" wide boards with chrome in between.

Our vehicles are called Street Rods, they're not restored as original. The bodies are mostly original. I say mostly, because there aren't always parts available any more for the really old cars. Most have modern engines, transmissions, brakes, and ours even has an air conditioner. You might also notice the mag wheels and I'll guarantee, you wouldn't have seen a bright shiny red 1940 farm truck. If you want to drive your car instead of trailer it, you will probably put in modern parts. The old flathead engine that belongs in our truck would not do well on our modern highways. They didn't drive the distance or the speed we drive today. We chose to drive our truck. To us that's a big part of the fun, traveling with our friends. Below, are the cars from our group. (left to right)
1933 Chevrolet - belongs to Robert and Cleva
1926 Ford - belongs to Mike and Erma
1940 Ford pickup - ours
1923 Ford "T" bucket - another car of Robert and Cleva
On Saturday night Main Street is closed and we all park down both sides of the street. There's a live band that performs and everyone comes out to see the cars. It's a lot of fun, they look at our cars, we look at the people. While we were there we watched this beautiful sunset over the buildings.  I wish I were a better photographer and could have taken a better picture, it was breathtaking.
We had such a good time.  Visiting with friends and just relaxing. There's not much to do but sitting, do a little shopping in a couple of antique stores, listen to some good music, and just relax. And of course eat. Let's see, I had a wonderful chicken panini for lunch, free fish dinner provided by one of the sponsoring companies for dinner, and we ate breakfast at Grumpy's. They have wonderful biscuits!! The other meals are quick meals on the road and we usually hit McDonald's. We did eat at a very good dairy bar in Mt. Ida, AR on our way home. They had the best hamburger I have eaten in a long while.

Our next trip is to Wilburton, OK. Can't wait!


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