Saturday, August 21, 2010

Squishy Water Hose

Just a photo that  made me laugh. We're having a bad water hose summer. Jerry has already patched two and this one will be next!  I have never seen a water hose look quite like this. Yep, that's water between the inner and outer part of the hose.  And, this isn't the only spot that looks like this. About five feet of it is ready to blow. It's real squishy. Of course I had  to squash it and take it's picture. I could just see it bursting...soaking me and my camera. Wish my grandsons were here to see it. They would have fun squashing on the hose!! The image of that and it bursting, made me laugh out loud. I get pleasure from small silly things!


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  1. first I thought it was a snake! You're right, they would enjoy playing with it! They played in the sprinkler last night until we ran out of water! Luckily the well caught back up within about 30 minutes! I think maybe you and daddy could use a gift certificate to Home Depot!!


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