Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today is my Mom's 79th birthday!!

It wasn't hard to think of a theme for her card. She's loves anything and everything about quilts. She is a quilter, as was her Mother. She passed this love on to my sister and me, only we just dabble in it. All her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren have a quilt made by MeMaw!  OK, so I have the theme, quilts, but no creativity. I will say right up front. THESE CARDS ARE NOT MY DESIGNS. I lifted them, or card-lifted or scrap-lifted or whatever you call it. I wish I had written down the sites where I saw the cards, but I did not. My apologies to the designers for not giving them credit and thank you for your inspiration. I used soft colors on Mom's card. The original was done with 30's looking paper, which I love, but the colors I chose just look like my Mom. The papers are from a Slab from Provo Craft that I bought years ago. It has been a really good pack of paper that coordinates so well together.  My goal right now is to use up some of my stash, because I love some of the new papers coming out and need to justify buying them. So  I'm  hurrying to get rid of some of the old!!

If you'll notice each petal and the center is stitched down resembling quilting. Also notice the 80 on the center of the flower. Much to my embarrassment she's only 79 and that 80 will have to come off. I've already apologized to Mom for that error. Who wants to a year older than they are!!

My next card is for a very good family friend, Miss Geneva.
She is receiving radiation treatment for breast cancer. Please add her to your prayer list. She is a very elegant lady and when I saw this card I wanted to make one for her. So simple, yet so elegant.

The embossing was done with my new Cuttlebug, which I am loving! If you'll notice the tiny stitching on the ribbon. It fits Miss Geneva so well. This dear lady loves to sew.

Day two of five things I am grateful for:
#1-  my mother - I love her dearly
#2 - Miss Geneva - love her dearly too
#3-  it rained a little  - we need it so BAD
#4 - my eyesight- so much to see in the world and cyber world
#5 - WINTER - I don't like summer
Oh, by the way, I won't bug you each day with my lists. But, I do really love lists. I always have a list of something around. Maybe I'll share some on another post.


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  1. Oooooo! I love them. I'm sure they will love them too! Now I can see why Memaw's card took so long. There are a lot of details. Very pretty!


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