Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aaron's Layout

I want to show my latest layout. It's of Aaron, my grandson. These pictures were taken when he was nine months old. On one of the days I kept him, I decided to record in pictures what he does all day. He's a very sweet boy, never a minutes trouble. But, he is a very busy boy, always moving from one thing to the next.
I don't add a lot of embellishments to my scrapbook pages. It's not that I don't like them, I do. But, I've always wanted the pictures to be the focus when you look at my layouts.  So, my pages are simple. I think this one turned out cute. Of course that may be because of the cute boy in the cute pictures.

You can't see it, but those cute socks on his feet say
"little buddy."
I used my Cuttlebug on the orange frame. I am really liking that little bug.

I saw a wheel, similar to what I have, that was a sticker, but I didn't like what it said. It said "Time Out".  Aaron doesn't need "Time Out", he's just a baby. So I made my own wheel listing things he does each day.

Simple page, but how could I leave out any of these pictures. They tell the story of his day. If you'll notice the middle one on the right, he's looking at a Martha Steward Living Mag. He flipped through kind of bored until he saw the car on the back cover. Now that got his interest!

Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of Aaron!


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  1. He is a busy, busy boy. I love the picture of him laying down on the floor. I don't know that I've ever seen him so still. Very cute ideas, especially the spinner! I'm glad you took out the "time out." I'm sure that Aaron will never have time out! :) Patty


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