Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays ~ March 13, 2013

The sun shone warmly on my shoulders as I walked yesterday. I didn't go far just out in the yard. I needed to be doing some yard work on this perfectly beautiful day. Instead, I had my camera in hand and ignored the work. You see...
spring has sprung in Arkansas.
Of course, one of the first things that popped out were the dandelion weeds. Most people don't like weeds, but they have the prettiest flowers. They remind me of the quote by Vincent Van Gogh.

"How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun."

Over night, and I mean overnight, my flowering plum trees burst into color. They're beautiful, but their blossoms are so delicate. A good wind will blow them all away quickly.
My jonquils are up; the common ones, the King Alfreds, and the miniatures. Jonquils seems to just shout spring!
The japonica and forsythias bushes have burst into color. This is the sight that greets me when I open the blinds in the morning.
I don't know how it is where you are,
but I hope spring will arrive there soon!

"The spring came suddenly,
bursting upon the world
as a child bursts into a room,
with a laugh and a shout and hands full of flowers."
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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  1. Happy Spring to you. Not quite here yet, but I am smiling with the anticipation of it.

  2. Spring is no where to be found here... we have 15cm snow. So thank you for these lovely Spring images.

  3. Lovely signs of spring, Cathy. It's such an uplifting time of the year when everything comes alive again after a long winter's sleep.

  4. I prefer to think of dandelions as wildflowers, rather than weeds. When I lived in Ohio, my lawn was sprinkled with dandelions and little blue violets at this time of year. It was so much prettier than a solid green carpet of grass, I always thought.

  5. All this color really makes me long for Spring. We got a couple inches of snow today instead :( Oh well, I will really appreciate it when it gets here.

  6. I am waiting for spring to arrive here. There is nothing blooming around here yet.
    Beautiful pictures!

  7. What beautifully vibrant colors your captured, Cathy! I'm looking for the Crocuses ... my understanding is they are the first to bloom as Spring makes its entrance. I love your Longfellow poem ... so true, isn't it? Thanks for joining Walk and Click Wednesday!!

  8. It definitely looks like Spring there -- so beautiful! Enjoy, enjoy!

  9. Wonderful photography and how lovely that you have Spring! Love dandelions! ~ they can stay in my grass anytime! ^_^

    New England is still cold ~ snow is gone at the moment ~ but grey and cold ~

  10. Thanks for bringing spring to my inbox. Our crocuses have come up and the daffodils are pushing through the soil - but spring seems far away here in Ohio. I enjoyed seeing what is to come for us through your Wednesday walk. Love the poem - captures so well the exuberance of the season.

  11. Oh... is true, spring has sprung. Such a wonderful photos, beautiful colors, love the flowering plum tree

  12. oh my cathy! beautiful spring shots!! the light is just spectacular. love it!


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