Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring or Summer?

Everyone says the weather is beautiful!
Perfect spring day!
Warm temperatures! 
Well, everyone does not include me!  Any temperature above 62 is too hot for me. It's sad that I only enjoy the months of December, January, and February. I'm so hot natured that those are the only months when I'm comfortable. I don't wear sweaters or long sleeves. I own a coat, but it is just thrown in the backseat of the car...just in case.  I know, I've been told I'm weird, not normal, and strange! I'm OK with being different, I just wish I weren't different seven months of the year!!  I guess I just want to say I miss winter already! I'm not ready for heat and two showers a day!! Just so you know,  the air-conditioner in the house is running today.
On the bright side, I get to wear flip flops again and the trees, bushes, flowers, and sky are gorgeous!  See, I don't dislike everything about spring, summer, and fall!! Look at these lovely, delicate blooms on my Bradford Pear tree. So lovely! Did you know  they STINK?   Really stink, as in hold-your-nose-stink!  I love this tree only it puts off such an awful odor when it blooms that you can't stand to be close to it! If you choose to plant one, make sure you don't plant it next to a window that you want to open! You'll be sorry.

I have been working in the yard the last couple of mornings, when it was still in the low 60's. Here's what I've spotted:
  • ant
  • bumble bee (I don't mind bumble bees)
  • red wasp
  • cricket
  • termites (not on my house, under a piece of rotted wood I was raking)
  • mosquito (yeah, he got me)
  • tick (UGH!!)
  • gnat
  • frog (ribbit)
And the reasons go on...I miss winter!!!
I don't state my opinions on my blog very often, but this time it just came pouring out!  I thought about turning off the comments on this post!  I know someone is going to hate me, but instead I'll just leave you with this old quote.
"Never judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes."

I do hope that you're beginning to see a little spring in your neck of the woods. It is simply gorgeous and I'm sure YOU will enjoy every minute of it!

P.S. Just so you know I am miserably hot, yet I'm still smiling!!

Thanks for listening!


  1. I love the spring but we started with summer first. I do like the early flowers and the signs of spring. Like your flip flops in the fore ground but the flower is the sharp and clear part of the picture. I was out side and I saw of the early bugs also. Maybe we will have a mild summer so he can enjoy it all. I like 70 myself.

  2. Oh Cathy I loved this post, you are just way too cute. My husband always said I was never happy unless it was 72 degrees. I am cold natured really but I don't like the heat and when I say heat I mean 90 - 115 degrees as it gets here in the desert. I was much happier in CA but that is my life now so I have to deal with it. I do enjoy seeing the sun everyday, and know I couldn't do with grey days. We all are different and that is what makes us special.

  3. Cathy, I'm just your opposite - I need a sweater when everyone around me is perfectly comfortable. I refuse to turn the heat above 67 in the winter, so that means I dress in lots of layers, and look forward to the airy lightness of summer. You have my sympathy, though. If you're cold-sensitive you can always put more on but there's a limit to what you can take off when feeling too warm.

  4. No spring here yet! High today was 39 degrees. My daughter is just like you. I freeze in her house.

  5. Cathy - oh you should never apologize for being you. It is tough being uncomfortable in your environment - and like Lee says, there is only so much you can do when you are too hot, short of running around naked. (Yea, I wouldn't do that either.) If I had to choose my perfect day, it would be 70 or 72 and sunny with low humidity. I would rather have snow than cold rain. I'm sorry your winter is over but as you listed here are some good things about the upcoming spring/summer - enjoy what you can.

  6. I didn't know that bradford pears stink! But aren't they pretty when they bloom?! Thanks for the heads-up!
    You're funny! No apologies! Speak you mind! I love it!
    The daffodil photo is very pretty!
    Stay cool!


  7. Flip flops, mosquitos, air conditioning? Wow -- it really sounds like summer. I'm sorry you didn't get more of a spring, but the blossoms are lovely. We are all different -- my best friend loves really hot weather (100 degrees!) while I am more of a 75 degree girl. We just have to make the best of it, don't we?

  8. I hate hot too! Our Spring and Fall is probably like your Winter. My husband hates hot even more than me, he is a sweater, Enough said :) Enjoy your garden in the early hours.

  9. well i say it's your blog so you can express your opinion anytime you want. :) glad the mornings are still cool for you to enjoy spring!


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