Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesday ~ March 20, 2013

Happy first day of spring!
It's been feeling and looking like spring here for a couple of weeks. Our temperatures are like a roller coaster though, up to the low 80's and then down to the mid 30's. We may see sleet tomorrow!  One big plus, the sun has been out more than it has rained! It's been a great time for walking and clicking!
Last week for Walk and Click Wednesday, Sarah at Paisley Rain Boots went home to the place where she grew up. You can read about it here if you'd like. I'm sure she'd enjoy your visit. Returning to capture images of her home, got me to thinking about where I grew up.  So, inspired by Sarah I decided to stay close to home and capture what it looks like now. I've lived in this community for over 45 years. My family moved here when I was eleven. Mr. H and I lived in another small town  for the first four years of our marriage and then returned and bought our first home.
 I live in the small town of Mabelvale that was been incorporated into Little Rock the capital city of Arkansas. We still have our own post office, zip code,  and "town proper". It's like we really don't belong to the big city, they just get our taxes and hmmmmm...oh we do get city trash pick up and sewer now. I guess we have benefited a little!!  Anyway, Mabelvale covers a lot of territory, but I'll just show you the main area. Main Street is only four blocks long. The entire center of town covers about ten blocks.
Mabelvale was established as small train station town.  I live about two miles from "downtown" and have driven across these tracks bazillions of times!
It's like any old town. There are some very old homes that have been refurbished and, of course, there are some that are falling down and rotting away.
The house below was in pretty bad shape before they restored it. It's the prettiest house in town now!
Many years ago this house was turned into a community center where meetings were held and where the local quilters all came together to quilt and gossip visit. It's since been abandoned and the quilters meet at the Methodist Church.
I know this building looks like a shack and that's what it is, a barbecue shack with delicious barbecue sandwiches. See the smoke coming out of the smoke stake. Oh my, our town smells good!! If you want to eat in town, this is your only choice! I will tell you that the inside is much nicer than the outside!
Our "town proper" has a car repair shop, a paint and body shop, a church, a model train store, a Masonic lodge, a car wash, a gas station, a couple of small businesses, a beauty shop, and a few more homes. Oh, and we can't leave out the  ball field. Not in real good shape, not big, but it's still the hub of the neighborhood during the summer.

I hope you enjoyed the tour through small town Arkansas!
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  1. Thanks for the tour of your town, Love it in B&W- gives it an old fashion small town feel.

  2. Cathy, I so enjoyed the tour -- perfect in B&W! The B-B-Q shack is classic, and the restored house looks so much like my godmother's home in a small town in Massachusetts. I think that small towns share a lot of similarities.

  3. I love when someone restores an old historic home. We have had that happen more times than I can count here. I took my blog through a written tour of my town when I was young way back when I started my blog...and then Hubby and I went walking downtown and took pictures of what it looks like now and showed some of what it looked like back in the day. It was fun. It's nice to go back to our old stomping grounds!

  4. Cathy, your tour of Mabelvale brought a smile! I love to visit small towns, out of the way and otherwise. They have such character and you captured it quite simply here. And oh ... what a tease you are ... BBQ? I'd be there in heartbeat if I could. Love BBQ!! Thanks for visiting Walk and Click Wednesday! Looking forward to seeing you again. ;->

  5. I LOVE the tour through your town! Thank you for the lovely mention, I am glad that I stirred inspiration :) I KNOW that you are going to be just fine for Kat's A Sense of Place, you have it down already.

  6. Great shots. Love the covered balcony. Blessings, Debbie

  7. Thanks for sharing your home town with me I love to see where everyone lives....

  8. Loved this tour of your hometown. The black and white processing really pulls the images together and gives them that vintage small-town feel. I can practically smell that barbecue :)

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your walk! I love seeing these houses and the little stories behind them.

  10. Lovely to see your little bit of the world. Fabulous shot of the rail track - love the pov - and great in black and white, really gives a sense of history.

  11. Oh... such a lovely walk, I have enjoyed it very much. Beautiful photos

  12. I love seeing your town! The black and white images are just perfect for this, in my opinion. I can almost smell the smoke from that BBQ place! Let's meet there for a Coke, what do ya say?

  13. i grew up in what used to be a small town. it's a suburb of the city now, complete with shopping malls and restaurants. but i love the charm and character of a small town. so much history and so many memories to be told. thanks for sharing yours!


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