Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesday ~ March 27, 2013

The images for today's Walk and Click Wednesday post are from the small town of Fordyce, Arkansas. I attended a funeral there yesterday and decided to check out the older section of town. I wasn't disappointed, there were several  structures dating from the early 1900's. Some have been restored and some were in very bad shape.  Today I wanted to share with you some details that caught my attention.
newer windows in an old frame

pretty doorknob on an old weathered door

faded windows and woodwork that are still beautiful

pretty molding around a money vault

turrets on a historic church

clay tiles slipping off the roof

sun rays

beautiful restoration

painted advertising on a brick wall
Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic
textures galore

clock tower telling me I needed to head home soon

This is just a little sneak preview of the homes, churches, and buildings in Fordyce. I hope to share some more images later this week. Thanks for joining my walk! 
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  1. Exquisite! I absolutely LOVE all the textures! The doorknob is a favorite. Can't wait to see more :)

  2. Great eye and very creative photography ~ ^_^

  3. fun images from your walk. I love that we can appreciate the worn and not so good looking buildings through photography don't you? The sky was beautiful blue.

  4. What a wonderful walk you've had! All great images, and I love the old weathered door.

    Happy Easter, Cathy!

  5. What a wealth of amazing architectural details you have captured - I would have had a field day during a walk in this town. Thank you for filling my morning with gorgeous textures and truly lovely details. I am always struck by "beauty for beauty's sake" - those additions to a structure that exist only because they are beautiful.

  6. These are great images, Cathy....i see why they caught your eye. Architectural detail attracts me too -- it's a shame that they don't make buildings with those beautiful details anymore. I love the contrast of the old and the restored in this set. My fave is the doorknob -- love the composition and simplicity of it.

  7. what a neat place cathy. i love old buildings and that shot with the really great.

  8. What a lovely walk you had checking on all the details of these buildings. That historic church is so unusual and I love the clock tower against the blue of the sky.

  9. I love your photos, you have framed them so well to show off the special parts of the buildings. I don't know why but the door intrigues me. I guess I wonder what's on the other side.

  10. I love the sunrays!!! I'll bet that was a gorgeous house at one time!! Such detail!

  11. Cathy, I love your "distressed" architecture pictures. It's fun to visit old towns, especially the small ones. Often there is less desire to "modernize" than in cities. It's sad to see the demise of historical architecture these days. Sorry to hear you had a funeral to attend. Thanks for sharing at Walk and Click Wednesday!

  12. Amazing, such a wonderful walk, beautiful photos


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