Monday, March 11, 2013

Finding Your Eye: Journey Of Fascination ~ description

I love to look at photography. I have my likes and dislikes when it comes to photography. Some images just appeal to me and some don't.  I wonder what is it that makes certain photos special. Kat in our Finding Your Eye: Journey of Fascination class had us thinking about that and gave some good tips to to find the answer. Our exercise was choosing photos that we liked that were not ours. She gave us a list of things to look for in the photos. Then, we were to go through our own photos and find one photo that we liked and one we did not like and do the same thing. There was one little problem with that, I don't keep photos of mine that I don't like. Each time I upload images from my camera, I stop right then and delete the unappealing ones. So, for this exercise I chose an image that I liked and then one that I liked better. It worked and it made me do some serious thinking about my photography.

In both my examples the photos on the left are good images. The focus and the color are good and  the subject is interesting to me.

Why do I like the ones on the right better?
  • The images on the right appeal to me more because they give more context. Instead of just another close shot of a mushroom, the right image gives a sense of a small mushroom in a great big world of tall trees.  The lake image gives a sense of a peaceful place to sit and breath.
  • The addition of light in both of them makes them better. How many times have I heard and read that light can make the image?
  • The objects in the foreground give the images more depth.
  • In the first one the difference in perspective made a huge difference and in the second one I stepped back and took a different angle.
Now when I see an image that I enjoy, I'll study it more carefully and see if I can pinpoint what it is that is appealing to me. Then, I'll try applying what I've learned to my own photography.
This is our last regular assignment from this class. If you ever get the chance, take on of Kat's classes. She has been the biggest influence on my photography. She has made me think with my brain and with my heart!



  1. I can certainly see what you are saying about the differences between the left and right images. The POV on the first one makes a dramatic difference. I sad that Journey of Fascination is done, but I am so happy to be walking away with some new friends :)

  2. WHat an interesting task, I agree with you that the images on the right have something special. It is interesting what a slightly different position can do!

  3. Great lesson to figure out what you like in an image, I like the mushroom on the right because you can see more detail of the underside. As well as the landscape there is more detail. For me that makes a difference in what I like Detail all the way for me. Light is the second most important ingredient for me. Light can sometimes be saved in processing but with detail it is either there or not. At least that is the way I seem to look at it for me.

  4. I love your examples, Cathy! The difference in them is like night and day. Just changing your perspective really made a huge difference.

    I want to go sit on that bench by the lake...

  5. Cathy, that mushroom image is stunning! I love the POV looking up underneath it and the way it is illuminated. The focus and depth of field are perfect. The background is soft enough not to be distracting from the main subject, but focused enough to clearly show the environment. I absolutely love it. And I agree with Deborah, I'd like to sit on that bench, too. What a beautiful spot!

  6. well first of all let me just say hats off to you for not keeping the duds. man...i could learn a lesson from you! and secondly, i love the photos you shared and can see exactly what mean in the comparisions. such a wonderful journey this is...

  7. I love Kat's classes too, and plan on taking this one next time around. I agree - the photos on the right are wonderful! The low perspective of the mushroom shot gives it so much more interest, and the addition of the tree and the bench, well, I just wish I could be sitting there. Your photography has grown and grown Cathy!

  8. What a great exercise! I find it difficult to put into words the reasons why I like a certain photograph. But I can see that putting in the time is well worth the effort. There is a certain aspect of study and thinking that needs to go into the photographic process - some thought and consideration on the how to create better photos. I agree with your analysis of these images - all are good but the ones on the right each contain elements that make them something more. (And I delete my bad photos immediately as well :)

  9. I love the fourth photo, the one of the tree and the bench. Photo exercises really help us to move forward with the way we see things, don't they?

  10. What a great exercise. Love these shots, but I agree that the shots on the right have a little something extra that give them the edge. I really love the one of the bench with the fog rolling it, fabulous.


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