Friday, March 8, 2013

The Right Angle

Right angle
An angle which is equal to 90°, one quarter of a full revolution
Have you ever realized what an important part right angles play in everyday life?
I was looking for them today to fulfill a prompt for a flickr group.
I started taking photos and just couldn't stop,
so I decided to share them with you!
I began right at the front door.
I should have stayed outside.
It was a beautiful day;
sunshine and in the 60's.
Can't beat that.
Instead, I put on a few of my favorite CD's
and thought about what I wanted to do.
I couldn't decide whether I wanted to stretch my brain,

read a book,

play the piano,

or dust the miniatures.
None of those things appealed to me!
So, I just went right back outside,
soaked in a little sunshine,
and enjoyed the spring daffodils.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. I love the Blinds! That is my favorite photo here but the piano keys are a close second. I love this whole post.

  2. Lots of right angles here, Cathy. I love the last one of the beautiful daffodil placed on a frame as if a picture had suddenly produced a real flower because spring is coming! Have a lovely weekend.

    I had problems with my comment taking the first time, Cathy. It's not the first time I've had problems on other blogs in the same week. I hope it works this time.

  3. I guess I have never thought about right angles, but there sure are a lot of them. The daffodil on the picture frame is wonderful. The detailing on the edge of the frame.

  4. Clever and creative response to the angle theme. Of course, I love your blinds shot - with the contrast between the horizontal blinds slats and the vertical knobby cord. And you have evidence of spring - how wonderful!

  5. I love angles too, especially those diagonal lines. This is a lovely series -- the piano shot is my fave!

  6. holy cow cathy! you really hit the jackpot. you always inspire me to be observant in my daily life. :)


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