Thursday, November 1, 2012

{In The Picture} ~ October 2012

In The Picture
I almost forgot to link my pictures!! I did them earlier in the month and then got busy and forgot about them!!  I'm just barely making the deadline!!

Our optional theme this month was "my favorite place."  I have several favorite places where I like to take photos, but due to a very busy month, I couldn't find the time to return to any of them. So, I decided to show you my "favorite place" that we take our 1940 Ford Pickup to attend a street rod show. This show is in Robber's Cave State Park in Oklahoma.
I wandered down by the lake and watched the sunrise. I've been trying to get a photo where the morning sun is behind me. I still haven't quite gotten the light that I want.

After watching the sunrise, I discovered the underneath of a building that looked like it was once a boathouse. I stood under the building in the quiet and watched the mist rising from the lake.
This picture was taken in the same area. Look at those muddy shoes!! You can tell I've been walking in the morning dew and through the dirt!

This fall festival includes a car show, craft show, and carnival rides. Later that afternoon I treated myself to a ride on the Ferris wheel!
Two more months = eight more self-portraits!
I think I'm going to meat my goal!!
If you'd like to see more scenery pictures of this gorgeous state park, I blogged about it here.


  1. Yay! You are doing so good with the self portraits! I took some this month but didn't link up. I'm enjoying taking them! Are they getting easier for you?


  2. What a goal you set for yourself - I am awe of each of you participating in this project. The backlit photo is beautiful - I think you did a great job of capturing wonderful light rays. My favorite is the black and white image in the boathouse - I love the rectangle of light and the beautiful textures and your contemplative pose - quite lovely.

  3. Lovely set. My favourite is the first one with that gorgeous soft light.

  4. You are very brave taking self portraits. They are very good!

  5. Lovely shots, Cathy, love the light on the jeans and muddy shoes and you are brave to be on a ferris wheel,I'd wave from the ground and just eat the cotton candy and other stuff, hot dogs. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and commenting. It meant a great deal to me. So great you are doing this self-portrait work. It is a gift to yourself and your family. I thought of you as I started the free motion on the quilt. Oh, part is a mess but it's okay, it's just for me top be warm on the couch. I'll post photos later.
    oxoxo Pm

  6. My favorite is the one of your muddy shoes. I love the light raking across those rough boards, casting a tiny shadow at each nail, illuminating your jeans and shoes. There's a story going on looks like you're about to stand on tiptoe, or dance, or run....

    1. beautiful photos cathy! so love seeing my sweet friend who inspires me so much. xoxox

  7. I am so proud of you. Self potraits and Ferris Wheel, what a week-end

  8. they are all great but I especially like the first shot and the sun glare. you captured it perfectly!


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