Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ November 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday
This past week has been full and absolutely wonderful!  I met my grandson for his field trip at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas and I took a road trip with my parents and sister to see the fall foliage. I took the list of prompts from Scavenger Hunt Sunday with me on my trips and had such fun searching for items!
Our prompts this week were:
As I traveled to the folk center to meet my daughter and grandson for his field trip, I came upon these wild turkeys strolling down the highway. Since there was no one but me on the road, I stopped and took a picture  through the front windshield.  These guys would not move off the road! They just looked at me an gobbled rather loudly!! I think I was interfering with their morning walk!
This group of musicians played to welcome us to the Folk Center village. The village takes you back in time with it's music and it's demonstrations of pioneer skills and crafts.

These are the classic tools of the woodcarver who demonstrated his craft for us.
On my way home from the field trip I went on another adventure. I went searching for this one room schoolhouse/chapel. What an adventure that was!  The road to the schoolhouse is small and not shown on an Arkansas map, so I used MapQuest and it gave very bad directions! It sent me about 27 miles down a gravel road, when in reality  I could have gone on a different highway and only driven 3 miles on the gravel road! I was able to see more of the countryside since I had to drive so slow! I did eventually find the schoolhouse. I just wasn't expecting it to be in the middle of a cow pasture!!  Can you see the white cows on the right behind the church?  I had to step around cow patties to take pictures!!

On the road trip I took with my family we stopped at an overlook in the Ozark Mountains. The picture just does not do justice to the vibrant fall colors!!

I am certainly enjoying this beautiful fall! After the drought this summer I wasn't expecting it to  be very pretty, but much needed rain and cooler nights brought gorgeous colors!


  1. Wow, you wrung a lot of your trip. I love wild turkey's especially, they just kind of appear out of nowhere sometimes.

  2. The road trip sounds like fun. the pictures are beautiful.

  3. You did have quite an adventure!
    I love the stories you've told with your photos!

  4. Yes, the stories with the pictures are so good! x

  5. What fun adventures you have had this past week! And all that fun beautifully illustrated with your images.

  6. Great shots! I loved the processing you did on the Welcome photo. You did have quite the adventure!!

  7. your prompts could not have been more perfect for your week! great shots of your adventures! i'm always amazed at how the fall foliage shines despite the terrible heat of the summer.

  8. Wow your set is great. My favorites were the Wild Turkeys and the Vibrant fall colors.

  9. All great shots. But the color in that last photo has me smiling.

  10. Wonderful set and I can appreciate how pictures this year have fallen short of displaying the full vibrancy of this year's foliage -- still a very pretty picture in your set. Oh, and turkey are really, really stupid animals (had some turkeys on my grandparents old farm) - probably why it ended up on the Thanksgiving menu in the first place (big and easy to kill - or perhaps killed by accident as the Pilgrims were attempting to make their way over the hills and through the woods).


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