Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun Thing!!

Lately, I've just been so busy I haven't had time to blog or even be on the web much!
I apologize if I haven't been by to see you lately!
Today is my take-it-easy-and-rest day!!
Blogging is restful!
I'm sitting here in my rocking chair
looking at pictures from the last few weeks.
I ran across these pictures of "FUN" things
I saw at the street rod show at Robber's Cave, Oklahoma.
These were things that I thought Gramma's Guys would like to see!
Cute little pedal car in my favorite color!

Would you like lunch at Mel's drive-in? The man who owns this car brought the order sign and the "fake" food to sit beside his car!

I think all cars should have this break light!

Check out these bumper guards; they're wrenches!

I know you guys all like dogs!  This dog wouldn't be too easy to pet!  He's made out of  nuts, bolts, spark plugs, and  old car parts!

Look closely at the front grill of this hot rod. It's not a grill from a car, it's a grill from a Case tractor!!

This rat road belongs to a friend of ours. Not only is his car funny, but so is his trailer!!  Do you see the tractor seat on the top of the car?  There's usually a really big stuffed rat sitting in the seat when he's not driving the car. Yes, he really does drive this on the highways!!  Now, about the trailer. Years ago, homes did not have running water. Therefore, there was not a toilet in the house; no water to flush it with, you know!  Out behind their houses people built an "outhouse" that was their restroom. That's what this trailer looks like, an old-fashioned outhouse!! Funny, huh?  Wouldn't this be a funny sight to see on the freeway?

And, cool bus!
I believe it was made in about 1929!
I would love to take a ride in this!!
I hope you enjoyed these!!
Did any of them make you laugh?


  1. Hi Cathy! My favourites were the top blue pedal car and that gorgeous yellow bus!

  2. Fun photos that made me smile!. The outhouse trailer is really silly! That dog is pretty amazing -- that takes lots of effort and creativity!

  3. There is amazing creativity that goes into these cars and the way they are presented - a whole world of which I know nothing. But it looks like such fun and I love the care and effort that obviously goes in to making these cars and trucks interesting. Thank you for sharing! The diner scene reminds me of stopping at the Root Beer stand - I loved that when I was a kid!


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