Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Colors Are Fading!

Every time I go out the door there are less leaves on the trees and more on the ground!  There are only a couple of pretty trees left, most are bare or only have brown shriveled leaves on them. Fall always passes to quickly for me. I didn't seem to have enough time this year to get out and capture it's beauty! I went out yesterday determined to find  any color that was left. I wasn't disappointed at all. Color is still there you just have to look for it!

I spied a little leaf that had floated down and was resting on the bough of a cedar tree. It won't be long though, until the all the leaves have fallen and the trees will be bare. I'm thankful we have several cedar trees around to keep a little color in the landscape.

If there's one flower that just shouts "fall" it would have to be a Chrysanthemum. My plant is three years old and has never been planted in the ground. I can't make Mums grow once they're transplanted. They just curl up and die!! I usually just enjoy them, they die, and I buy more the next year. The first year I had this Mum it bloomed almost till Christmas. We were having company so I stuck the pot out of sight and forgot about it all winter. I was amazed the next spring to see that it had survived and it bloomed again that fall. The next year I protected it a little better and here it is again. She's a persistent little lady and has brought me much joy! I keep her sheltered on the porch where I can see her each time I go in and out. I wonder how many years she'll continue to grow in the that pot!

That's about all the color left in my yard, so I went up to my mom's. The cascading berries on her Nandina bushes add a bright spot along the side of her house.

She planted a small Chrysanthemum and Pansy garden this year where I found some pretty little pansies dancing in the wind. I can't wait to see these blooming in the snow! Come on snow!! Don't hate me, but I do love the snow!! I could spend hours tromping around in the snow covered woods; just me and my camera!!

My mother also has yellow roses still blooming. I hope this one opens before the frost gets too it. There have been several very frosty mornings lately! I need to get out and take some pictures of it's crystal beauty, but can't seem to make myself get dressed and go out that early! I love the cold, but I'm a little lazy in the mornings!! 
It was a little harder to find color, but it's still there for a few more days anyway.  Hmmm!!  Wonder what I'll find to photograph after the leaves and flowers are gone.  Stay tuned, I'll be looking at things a little differently!


  1. Wow! It's amazing how much color you have left in Arkansas. Here in Ohio we are quickly heading into winter. So I have enjoyed seeing the remaining autumn colors through your eyes and camera. Love the bright shiny leaf resting on the cedar bough and your beautiful mum.

  2. Nice to see your remaining colours. Here the wind and rain are quickly robbing the trees of the last copper coloured leaves. Like you, I just love the snow - as long as I don't have to drive!
    I love that deep purple pansy. One of my favourite flowers!
    Have a lovely day, Cathy!

  3. sounds similar to my neck of the woods. we've been so blessed with such a lovely fall. thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

  4. Beautiful, I love the blue sky and the gorgeous Autumn colours..


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