Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Getaway

This weekend we made our annual trip to Robber's Cave State Park in Oklahoma. We take "Old Red" to the street rod show during their Fall Festival.  You may be wondering what that little gray thing on the running board is. If you step on the running boards you scratch the paint. The little kiddos always want to hop up on the running board and look inside. I had towels embroidered with the words "not a step." Just a kind way of keeping little ones off. I usually take them off when I take pictures of the truck, but I forgot this time!!

We arrive at the park before sunrise. It's the funniest thing, people start leaving the motel at 4:30 in the morning to find the perfect spot to park their cars!!  We didn't leave until 6:00, but we still arrived in the dark!  There's only one good outcome getting there in the dark, I get to watch the sunrise over the lake! As the sun rises you can see the mist floating up in spirals from the water. The leaves have just begunto turn. In a few more days they should be spectacular.
The sunlight also begins to shine on the rock formations across the lake.
I'm always off by myself walking around exploring the park. I like going by myself, I can spend as much time as I want taking photographs or just sitting on the rocks watching the sunrise. Sitting beside the lake left me nothing to think about, I just soaked in the quiet and the beauty of God's creation. Speaking of creation I'm always amazed at the details in creation like this rock with it's bumps and crevices.  Rocks could have all been created smooth with similar shapes and colors, but no, they weren't. God took pleasure in his creation and we are blessed to be able to enjoy the beauty.  As I loaded these images this morning, I noticed the heart-shaped indention.  I love finding little love notes from nature!!

It was a beautiful day with beautiful sunshine; perfect for beautiful reflections!

I think it would be lovely to paddle around the lake in a canoe! 
In my exploration I went around the back of one of the buildings. I'm assuming it may have been a boat house when the lake was higher. Under the house there were three stalls with boardwalks around them and even old roll-up garage doors. The  sacked rocks are one of many foundation piers under the building.

On Sunday we get up early once again and head home as the sunrises. I'm not sure why we do this, it's only about a four hour trip, but tradition is hard to break!!

The festival is always enjoyable. There's a quilt show, craft show, amusement park rides, plenty of old cars and trucks to look at, and great food vendors!!


  1. Gorgeous shots from your weekend getaway, Cathy. I love the canoes and that stunning reflection on the lake. What a fantastic red truck!

  2. omg cathy! gorgeous phots. the colors are amazing. i can't get over how different it looks now in the fall vs. when we were there in may. i definitely want to come back some day in the fall. so beautiful and peaceful. and i so agree with you about the beauty of God's creation. it's full of wonderful love notes if we only take the time to notice. so glad you shared these with us. :) love, kelly

  3. I love all these images, Cathy! Your lake with the mist is so calm and peaceful, and you captured it so well. I'd love to get in one of those canoes, too. It's been a while since I have enjoyed a canoe ride.

    Looks like you had a great time.

  4. These are just beautiful! I have to say the canoe shot is my favorite, but, being a water person, I love them all! How lucky you are to be able to explore this park at your own pace. Sounds like a great getaway!

  5. What a magical landscape to explore early in the morning.

  6. Looks like you had a great time again! The photo of the lake and the reflection is incredible! Love the heart in the rock too. You have me looking for hearts and shadows more and more!

  7. Such peace in your images, and that mist is simply magical! It's clear to see you were alert to all the beauty around you.

  8. The image of the rock formation, with its heart-shaped indentation is really lovely - all that texture and gorgeous morning light. "Old Red" looks pretty stunning as well. What a great weekend.


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