Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude ~ Days 7 - 15

My daily gratitude photography project has been much easier than I thought!  It's not that I'm not grateful for so much, it was the photography that had me worried. I thought I would struggle finding a way to photograph the things I am grateful for. That hasn't been so, each day, it has come very easy. I guess I was a little intimidated by putting my gratitude into a photograph.
Day 7
As I looked at this pile of rocks that my grandsons have collected and given me, I'm thankful for the variety in nature. It would be a boring world if everything were exactly the same. Of course, I'm also thankful for the four boys who bring me these treasures!
 Day 8
I'm grateful for the sense of adventure photography has brought to me!  I never know when I grab my camera and hit the road, what wonderful things I'll discover!

Day 9
I'm grateful for the wind that unfurled the United States and Arkansas flags today! Their beauty takes my breath away!!
Day 10
I'm filled with gratitude that I was able to spend a few days with theses three handsome guys and their mother!! Today we had a picnic and went hiking near the Buffalo River. Gramma is a little tired!! These guys are hard to keep up with!

Day 11
The power went out in the middle of church service this morning. Thankfully we do have several windows in our sanctuary! We sang and the pastor preached in near darkness. It made me very grateful for electricity and that we don't have to read by candlelight!!
Day 12
I know I'm a little different, but I am so very grateful that the temperatures are getting colder!! The heat this summer was brutal on those of us who are hot-natured!!
Day 13
I'm grateful for every minute I'm able to spend with this guy!! He came and stayed with me today while mommy and daddy worked. We always have a great time!

Day 14
I'm always grateful for the little creatures that I find along the way. I was told this is a  cucumber beetle.

Day 15
Our first really frosty mornings have arrived. I'm grateful for the sunshine that makes the frost sparkle.
Can you believe the month is already half over!!
I wonder what things I'll be blessed with in the last half of the month!


  1. Wonderful selection of gratitude photos.....your grand boys are so cute, and I love your capture of the sweet smile in your b&w. That last capture of the frost on the leaves reminds me of my New England winter days. Have a great weekend, Cathy!

  2. Love the photos, love the smiles and I love the frost on the leaves. Yes we have a lot to be thankful for.

  3. Wonderful things to be thankful for, and all your photos told their gratitude so well, beautiful!

  4. What a lovely lot of thinks to be grateful for, Cathy! I love the candlelight shot with the open bible and glasses. Those grand boys are gorgeous and all have such sweet and happy smiles! That collection of hand-chosen rocks is impressive - I love that sort of thing!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. Beautiful, love that last frost shot & I really love hearing about your love for your grandchildren- such special relationships.

  6. A beautiful set full of real emotions! I think you have done an excellent job capturing your gratitude in a visual sense. I love this time of year when we have the opportunity to capture twinkly frost shots - such amazing sparkly beauty! Your life looks like it was dipped in sugar. And, of course, your grandsons are such handsome fellas! Any grandma would have a full heart!

  7. Such beautiful words and photographs I express myself visually .. visiting from Indigo Janson's blog


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