Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Picture Color - Days 6 - 12

I'm finally back to bring you more of Picture Color!!  The month of fun is already over half-way done.  The prompts weren't quite what I expected.  I thought maybe we'd shoot blue one day, green the next and so on.  The prompts have been so different from that and I'm glad!!  We've learned many things about color, not just taking shots of color.

Day 6 - White on White
It's not always easy to shoot white.  Tracey encouraged us to play with light on our white objects. I've used my wreath of vintage white buttons before in Picture Winter. I took a shot of a white heart button. But, it was a sure thing for white on white.  I love the sparkle of light on the rhinestones!

Day 7 - Color Me Yummy
We were to shoot the yummiest thing in our kitchen. I could have baked something yummy, but I took the easy way out!! I had just bought some Cherry Frozen Yogurt and it was yummy!! 

Day 8 - Punctuation Mark
Today we were searching for a punch of color that inspires and delights our eyes. Now, I can't remember why, but I was in a bind this day.  I was gone most of the day.  So, I hurried looking for a bright spot of color and saw my pincushion collection.  My favorite pincushion will always be the strawberry.  I thought the shadow of the machine on the wall was neat.

Day 9 - The Texture of Color
With today's prompt, we were encouraged to discover and study texture. Color alone doesn't make a good photo...there's light, shape, and texture also.  There's no texture to me as wonderful as on a woven basket.  This basket was sold by a single woman who makes them to support herself and her family.  It's beautiful!! I love the leather handle.  The loop on each end of the handle allows the basket to be carried by two children. They each slip a stick through their loop and hold it to carry the loaded basket.
 I'm always finding mushrooms in my yard, especially in my shade gardens.  They are always great for showing textures.  There are lots of textures in this shot, the mushroom, the moss, and the mulch.

Day 10 - Creating With Color
We were to capture the color of some of our tools that we use to create with.  I've always liked the rainbow color of these quilt books.

Day 11 - The Best Of Both Worlds
We were looking for the charm of red and pink together.  I was stuck, I don't have much red in my house and I sure don't have red with pink. Then, Aimee came over. The bag she brought Aaron's swim clothes in was....red and pink!! Perfect for the prompt.  Red and pink do go lovely together!!

Day 12 - Seeing Spots
This day we honored the polka-dots we see around us.  Only, I don't have a lot of polka-dots!  But, as I walking down the hall I saw polka-dots.   They were on a quilt block made by my Aunt Marie for a quilt that was given to my Mom and Dad. Now I have the honor of owning it!!  I may be wrong but, I think the fabric was from one of her maternity dresses

Now you see what I'm talking about!! It's more than just colors!  And speaking of colors, I think I need more in my life!! These prompts would be so much easier!!


  1. Enjoyed looking at and reading about these photos. I love the first one, the white buttons. It is so beautiful. I also can't believe what a coincidence it was that I brought that bag over that day! : )

  2. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with these. It is fun to be forced to stretch like that. Great photos.

  3. I am so glad you take the time to share your photos with us. I loved the buttons and the spread of books.

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog...isn't picture color so fun. I love it all!!

  5. I love the mushroom picture! It reminds me of something in a fairy tale! The buttons are beautiful too! I guess I should look a little closer at that wreath next time! Thanks for sharing!


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