Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun, fun, fun with the grandkids

It doesn't get much better than this
four grandsons, my birthday, train museum,
water fun, good food!!!
 We started our time together with celebrating my birthday!! The boys get excited about opening presents even when they are not theirs!!  We had wonderful desserts...a cherry shortcake and chocolate cake pops!! Both were wonderful!!
We had plans to visit a train museum the next day so Aunt Aimee brought trains beads for they boy to make key chains.  It was such a cute idea and all the boys wore them the next day!

We went to a train museum in Pine Bluff. The museum is perfect for little boys, they could climb on the train engines and cars. There was so much they could do! We had a little difficulty getting pictures with all four boys together. They were all darting in different directions. Thankfully there were four kids and four adults!!  But I did manage this shot in the caboose!!

Jake liked the 1939 fire engine. They had propped up the front wheels just enough that you could turn them with the steering wheel!!

Drew liked it all...every engine, every wheel, every lever and every train car!! He was so excited.  He had been up in an engine with me and we started back down. We were about half down when he said "Wait, I forgot to set the brake!"  We had to go back up into the engine to fix that problem!!

We found out Josh is a little afraid of heights and these engines are huge!! He was happy to walk through the train cars, they weren't so high.

Little Aaron love the trains as much as Drew!! He kept saying "chugga-chugga choo-choo." He had a really great time. He loved riding this small engine and pretending to blow the whistle.  

Here's the whole bunch watching Thomas The Tank Engine running around a track!! After I took the picture, we did let them get closer!! 

They were even able to drive two trains by themselves!  The favorite with Josh and Drew was Thomas, but the other train went faster, so Jake like it!

Oh, there's such a story behind this picture!!! I wanted one to add to the top of my blog, but waited until we were about ready to leave.  Everyone was tired, hot and hungry...not a good time for a picture!!  This is one of many, many shots I took very quickly trying to get a good one.  In this one Aaron is wanting his mommy, Drew is not paying attention, Jake is bored, and Josh is pouting!! You know, I really like this shot!! Just boys being boys!!

After lunch we went to the "hump yard" in near the train depot.  This is were a train is disassembled and the cars are routed down different tracks to reassemble the train depending on the destinations of the cars.  It was really fascinating!! The cars are pushed over a hump, down a sloped track, where they roll by themselves until they BUMP into another train car.  The boys love the "bump". It was pretty loud. It looked pretty weird to see train cars rolling by themselves.

Next Day

We spent this day at home.  It didn't take us too long to get hot and want some watermelon!!

It didn't take to long to bring out the water toys either!  Aaron was a little leary of the water until Jake picked him up and ran through the sprinkler!! Aaron and Jake are pretty good buddies!

These two had the best time in the pool with these chairs. They played musical chairs and ring-around-the-rosy.  I would love to know what they're talking about!!

Josh and Drew had a kicking contest!

Josh, Aaron, and Jake chilling in the pool!!

It was such a special few days.  I love, love, love these boys!!  Can't wait to spend more time with them this summer!


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  1. I love making these special memories! It was just the best way to kick off the summer! Love all the pictures you got! Will you put them on the Hubmann family and friends shutterfly page?


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