Friday, June 17, 2011

My Garden Shed

Finally, after weeks of blood, sweat and that's not right, there were no tears, just a little blood and lots and lots of garden shed is finished!!
Isn't it just the cutest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My thanks to my husband and his friend for building it for me!  I did help, but didn't do near as much as they did.  I did get to saw some of the boards, do a little nailing, helped roof it, and painted it. My usually job was the gopher, go for this and go for that!!

Here's some shots to show the progress.
 concrete blocks placed and leveled

This was the first day of construction.  Quickly the walls and rafters go up!

We put the roof on early to protect the wood. I helped with the tar paper, but Jerry did the actual roofing.  I just toted the shingles up the ladder a million times!!

the siding is going on

time to add the porch rails

All done and ready to paint. But I had to spackle and caulk first.  It looks like it has the chicken pox and is covered in calamine lotion! 

time to paint

 All Done!!

Now, I just need to drag all my pots, garden tools and other paraphernalia up to the shed to see how I want to organize them.  It will be so nice to have this shed close to the house where I can get my things quickly!!


  1. The garden is a good place for relaxation, and it is good that your family built your own. It looks beautiful, by the way. Good job on constructing the garden shed. It looks simple yet sturdy, and it looks tough enough to withstand any storm.

  2. Aw, you must be lucky to have a husband like him… and he’s lucky to have a friend that helps him whenever he needs him. :) I think you should plan the landscaping next. Your garden looks spacious! I bet you already have many ideas on how to make it look even better now.


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