Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Picture Color - Days 1-5

Every moment of every day we  are surrounded by color. But, do we really stop to admire them, to soak in their beauty? Not really! We enjoy them but we just give them a passing glance. During the month of June I'm taking another class with Big Picture Classes. This one is Picture Color.  I think it's going to be my favorite!! Don't get me wrong, I love the seasonal classes, because I'm a seasonal person, but this is fascinating, wonderful, and enriching!!  Each morning we get a prompt inspiring us what color or color theme we are to find and photograph. I've found out real fast that I need more color in my life. I had to really search for some of the themes! Hope you enjoy my interpretation of color!!

Day 1 - Color Of Bliss
Our first day we were to photography colors that we surround ourselves with...colors that "bliss" us out!! Bliss means completely happy, and if you know me you know my color is blue!! Always has been! But, it was hard to find something I wanted to shoot!  This is the cover of a notebook I made for class called Inspiration Everywhere offered by Jessica Sprague.

Day 2 - Iconic Colors
We were searching for iconic colors...colors that are used in brand names or on products that we see everyday.  The green, yellow and red on the Crayola box are classic.  I wish I had left off the box on the left. The white seems to distract from the standard colors, but we learn as we shoot!

Day 3 - Changing Of The Guard
We were to observe color as it changed from one to the next or one color being revealed by another.  Of course, opening blooms are the perfect example, whether it's opening to a different color as in my first shot or the color bursting from the green bud like the second shot. When you stop and look, it's really amazing!!

My favorite summer flower is the Lantana, maybe because it's so hardy and heat resistant and tolerates my neglect!! And, they are so pretty in all their varied colors! It's funny, I didn't see the ants until I uploaded this on my computer!

 This is my Geranium. I love the deep color of this flower!

Day 4 - technicolor vision
Finding vibrant objects was our assignment for this day. We were looking for bold, bright colors that offered a kind of technicolor merriment.  I don't seem to have very many bright colors around my house. I looked and looked and then stumbled across the toys of my grandsons! They are bright and cheerful!

Day 5 - color of comfort
This one was easier, the colors that comfort me are the natural colors of nature! The colors of my starfish always seem so soothing to me...soft whites, ecrus and tans.

Each day of the class brings a new delight!!  I am so amazed everyday as I go to the photo gallery where we share our photos with each other. You wouldn't believe how creative and artistic  everyone is.  I love the way we think so different on a prompt and how we express that in our images.

Look around you and soak in some color today!!


  1. While I love color, I must say your starfish picture is my favorite. It is so elegant and soothing.

  2. WOW. I think you are doing a great job with this class. The Lantana in bloom is my favorite. This class is much more than color. It is discovering who you are through color.


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