Saturday, June 18, 2011

Exploring With A Camera - A Flowers Point of View

I've been exploring with my camera again and linked a picture to The KatEye View.  This exploration involved looking at flowers with a different perspective.  So I've been out on my knees holding the camera at ground level and shooting up at flowers!!  I got a lot of interesting shots!  Some were quite unusual, way out of focus and some I missed the flowers entirely and just got sky!  It was a fun experiment.  A different perspective changes everything!  Here's a few of my favorites.
 The blooms on a hosta plant are on tall stalks and the blooms droop down.  I'm holding the camera at the base of one of the stalks shooting up toward the sky.  The bokeh in the background is light coming through the shade tree.

 Looking up from the ground at a Day Lily. The background is an ornamental plum tree which leaves are a puple color.

 I took this one looking up at my hybrid petunias.  I had to buy them when I saw their unusual coloring.

This is a Black-eyed Susan. I loved the fuzzies on the stem.

I hope your enjoyed a different flower perspecive.  This exploration was a lot of fun!


  1. I love the last one with the fuzzies, a neat perspective.

  2. Love the petunias! They are beautiful!


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