Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exploring With a Camera - Thresholds

I'm linking again today with Kat Sloma and her "exploring with a camera" series.  This exploration was of thresholds.  According to Kat thresholds are "a place where you cross over, from one locale to another, whether real or imagined. Threshold images are not merely images of doors or gates, but they are of portals that transport you to someplace different in your imagination."  I struggled with this, trying to find a threshold that meant something to me.

My sister and I went for a photo shoot Saturday at Pugh's Old Mill.  A fantastic place to take photos!!  Beautiful well-kept gardens and a wonderful old reproduction of a grist mill. 
I took several shots of the thresholds in the mill. This is my favorite. I took it from inside the mill looking out at the gardens.
I took this shot of the same doorway from the outside looking in.

After coming home and looking through my archives and I found this photo of a garden gate.

That's when I saw the similarities. All of them have a sense of light over the threshold that I'm walking toward.  Even the one taken from the outside in has light...light streaming in from the windows and another door. That is so me!!  I'm an eternal optimist, I always look for the good, or the bright side or the beauty of the moment.  Don't get me wrong...I'm no Pollyanna nor do I live in a make-believe world. I just want to be positive and content

When you really stop and think, it's pretty amazing what my photography says about me!


  1. What fun, love, love, love the old stone. I agree about the sense of light, not just in your photos, but often as a symbol of a threshold. Great shots!

  2. I had a great time also. It was fun taking pictures that day and also sharing our love for photography. I went back several times to look at each picture. It draws you out and in on whatever side you are on. That is so neat.

  3. Oh, this is wonderful! I love that you have found yourself in your photos. That happens to me all the time in unexpected ways! These are wonderful threshold images, my favorite is the one looking in, but I love hearing what they mean to you more than the images themselves. Thank you so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera again. I feel so honored to have you involved!


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