Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Camera Shots

I finally did it!!
I have been wanting to for a while!!
And I did it!!
I went camera shopping and came home with a new  Camera.  I am beyond excited!! I've been playing with it for a couple of days and taken at least 100 pictures.  I am so pleased!  It takes great shots and is so easy to operate!! Of course, I haven't tried the manual controls yet, I'm saving that for a day when I have plenty of time to play!!  I bought the camera, a zoom lens, a macro lens, and a tripod. Here's a few of my favorites.
Me and my new camera!
I've always wanted to take a shot like this, where the camera is up to your eye!! I see a lot of them in the galleries I participate in!! You can't take one like this with a little point and shoot!!

Randy called to tell me about this beautiful cloud he saw at his house.  I went outside and sure enough I could see it, too! It was gorgeous. So dense and bright! Later, we found out it was the top of a thunderhead. This was taken with the regular lens.

 I stood in the same spot and took this was with my new zoom lens!

The cloud just stayed there. Later in the evening, Aimee called and said I needed to go look at the cloud again. It was right about sunset and the colors were gorgeous!  The colors in this shot remind me of a forest fire!

 Same spot with zoom lens!

For this shot, I used the macro setting on the camera.

These are my hostas blooming. Their blooms face toward the ground, so I had to get down on the ground and look up!

I ran across this little guy!  Love those black and white antennae!! He sure is colorful!

My new Hen and Chicks plant that Patty and her family gave me for my birthday.  I really didn't know they were so fuzzy!  Until you take a close-up, you think they're slick and smooth.

I was playing with the zoom lens that came with the camera, not the big zoom lens.  I was standing right at the back of house when I took this shot! I don't know how far it is, maybe 150 ft.

I've had fun!!  Maybe Sunday afternoon I'll try playing with the manual settings. I'm anxious to give it a try and learn to use them!


  1. I love your new camera. The Macro is great. I am like you, I love to take pictues of flowers and bugs. The clouds where beautiful. Mother one time wanted to do a devotional using pictures of clouds. I will ask her where her thoughts were headed and see if we want to do that some time. Good luck Sunday learning more about your camera. Wish I lived closer. I will just get a pair of heavy duty pliers and pull your house closer to mine.

  2. Wow Mom! You're looking more and more professional everyday! I love the self photo! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see what amazing things you are going to do with this camera and your talent! Oh, and the bug picture...impressive! :)

  3. My favorite two pictures are of "the cloud" at sunset (and not just because I called to tell you about it that time)! The colors are so pretty and the one with the zoom lens looks like you are taking the picture out of an airplane!


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