Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

My find today is a little unusual. It's not as if I were looking for these two historical columns. I just happened to bump into them...not literally though! Our downtown library had a book sale and being the lover of books that I am, I went with my sister. As we approached the library I noticed four old columns that I've never seen before. You pass through them from the parking lot to the front door. Of course, being a lover of historical things, I had to check them out. Engraved in marble below them was their story. The four columns supported the portico of Little Rock's first public library which was constructed in 1910 with funds from the Carnegie Foundation. The library was demolished in 1963. Oh, how I wish it was still there!!! During the demolition Carl Martin, from Mabelvale, recovered the original four columns. In 2009 the columns were given back to the library and this beautiful display was erected. What makes this an even better story is that Mr. Martin and his family lived right across the street from my husband. Even though the columns were in sections, I asked him where Mr. Martin could have kept such large pieces. He said that Martin had a huge building on his property that was full of just about anything you could imagine. That blows my mind, that an old building nearby had the columns to a Carnegie Library! Below is a picture of the first Little Rock library.

File:Little Rock, Arkansas Carnegie library.jpg
(Carnegie Library:  this media file is in the public domain in the United States.)

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That was rather long, so I'll try to keep the randomness short!!

Going to the book sale has always been a treat although it's rather hard on me. It's held in the basement of the library which is crammed with books and people. My social anxiety overcame me the moment I walked in. I looked straight ahead and there was the photography section. I was hoping for a great find and to calm my panic. A few minutes later with no great find and not calming, I searched for my sister. I followed her around for a few minutes, took some deep breaths, and began to calm. I did find a few books by an author I like to read. I don't buy many books any more. I would rather check them out from the library. Someone found a way to brighten up the basement by painting fairy tale characters on the columns. Pretty cool. Okay, so that was not short...I'll try to do better on the next four!

While my sister and I were downtown we also went to the River Market to check out the delicious looking fresh produce. Oh, how I wish we had fresh fruits and veggies all year long!

One way to preserve those fresh fruits is to make freezer jam. So far this year I've made strawberry, peach, and cherry. There is nothing better on an English muffin, toast, or pancakes than homemade jam. It's also pretty tasty to put a large dollop on top of vanilla ice cream!

Check out this cool shadow I found on the bathroom wall. I have this tin flower poke that is in my philodendron right across from a sunny window. I don't know why, but it just makes me smile!

Lastly, I give you a close-up picture of my doorstop. Every time I walk by it and see it in the north light, I want to take it's picture. This week I did just that! My daughter and her family gave it to me for Mother's Day. It's a heavy ball of some sort covered with rope that is woven into a design. It has a really nautical look to it, which reminds me of our vacation at the ocean.

It's been a good week here. The weather has been unbelievable.  Absolutely perfect for someone that doesn't like summer.  Yesterday's high was only in the low 70's! Normally this time of year we're right at 100 with a heat index of 104-106!  I don't know what's caused this milder summer, but...


  1. as much as i love books i have always avoided library book sales because of all the people in confined quarters. you're braver than i am!

  2. You are funny with your short stories, keep with me I teach you short because man do I not like to write. :) I loved the story behind the columns.

  3. Wow, such a shame to tear down a beautiful stone building like the library. The Carnegie funds were amazing and generous. How nice to still have the huge columns. Fresh produce are the perfect summer treat...and jam...even better!!

  4. It is too bad they tore the old library down, such a stunning place and those columns are great!

  5. Well, you know I love your Carnegie library story. It's neat how the original columns tie the modern library with its predecessor. And the shadow photo is amazing!

  6. Every photo of your post tells such a story. My favorite is the library book sale. Our local library has two sales, one in spring and one in fall, and I feel much as you describe. Once in a while, I find a great treasure, but mostly I prefer to check books out these days. The jam looks delicious. And those columns and the history are a story worth sharing. Oh, and the texture of the rug - so rich and worn - gorgeous!


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