Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Finds

You know when you find something special how you get a little rush, a little quickening of the heart, and you might gasp a little!  That is what happened to me when I spotted my first colorful FALL leaf! Leaves are already falling off the oak trees, but they're brown and not too inspiring. But, this one proclaims that fall is on the way!

This summer hasn't been like any other I remember. I've actually enjoyed most of it. Yes, me the person who hates heat and humidity has enjoyed this summer. That is based largely on the fact that this summer has been slightly cooler. We haven't even reached the 100 mark and I'm praying that we don't!  The heat index...with the high humidity, that's another story. It's been over 100 for several days. Another great thing about this summer is that a breeze always seems to blowing which certainly helps. Moving hot air feels much better than still hot air!

Mr. H has been a big part in my getting outside this summer. He makes, and I mean MAKES me walk every evening. I have to be sick to miss walking and give him a doctor's excuse. I found out real quickly that walking in the summer heat can create problems. My walking led to sweating, which led to dehydration, which led to low blood pressure, which led to dizzy spells, which led to me forcing myself to drink more water. No worries, nothing serious, problem taken care of...drinking more water is an easy solution.

Anyway, back to the fall leaf. Even though this summer was more bearable, I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures of September and finding more gorgeous fall leaves. 

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  1. Hand raised on drinking more water, and getting bp normal! Good for you though for walking, and stepping up to the challenge. I need to join you now. Yes, our summer has been lovely as well, just the last few weeks has become hotter and more humid, but thankfully it's been so nice overall. And colorful leaves are beginning to appear here too. Enjoy your better than average summer Cathy!

  2. Mallory found out the hard way about drinking more water when she got a UTI this summer. More water is always good. I look forward to fall as well, hopefully it lasts for a very long time.

  3. I need to walk but we had a super HOT summer. July was the hottest on record in 30 years. I'll wait till it cools down. Such a pretty fall leaf, I've seen a few changing around here too. I'm not much of a water drinker but I should as it supposed to be good for you.

  4. We're seeing a bit of color here and there where I live, too. Though fall has always been my favorite season, I can't say I'm eager to see summer go. The appearance of the first fall leaves is bittersweet here in Maine, because the summer is brief and the winter long.

  5. Very pretty and we've been seeing bits of color, too. Like you, I cannot stand walking or any kind of exercise in very hot weather. It makes me so grateful for the treadmill we have and that is where I read my blogs first thing in the morning. Have a great holiday weekend, Cathy!

  6. That is one perfect little fall leaf, I am headed back to my home state in a couple of weeks I hope I will get to see a little bit of the turning of leaves but I think it will be a little too early. I can hope though.

  7. I love that little orange leaf among its green sisters, announcing autumn loud and clear! The leaves are starting to change here too and like you, I really love this time of the year with the cooler temperatures. I am not at all fond of hot and humid either!
    I have been away for a few days and it was rather restful to leave my computer work behind me and just enjoy the different environment I was in!
    Our summer here was very changeable too, which I was actually pleased about because it kept the dreaded heat from settling in for too long! Drinking extra water when it's hot is a good idea anyway! I usually have a small bottle with me wherever I go when the heat blazes down!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Cathy!

  8. I've glimpsed some red leaves here and there, just not ready for fall yt here it is! Your find is beautiful, you should have it framed.


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