Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Finds

In the summertime when the heat is bearing down and the humidity is high I find myself frequenting the flea markets more. I even went there for a photography class I was taking. The exercise was to take a photo walk somewhere you've never been before and look for the unusual. I was not about to wander around in the heat, so I went to the next town over and found a flea market to stroll through. I'll be honest it was very hard to concentrate on photography when you had all the goodies to look at. 

My heart skipped a couple of beats when I found my treasure of the day. An old school book, First Lessons In Nature Study, written by Edith M. Patch. It was written in 1926 and this copy has a 1940 copyright. This fascinating book is full of amazing facts, nature poems, and beautiful drawings by Robert J. Sim.

Curiosity always sends me go Google. I just had to know a little about Edith M. Patch. She was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1876 and died in 1954. She was an American entomologist and writer. In 1930 she was elected president of the American Nature Study Society and became the first female president of the Entomological Society of America at a time when the society admitted few women. Fascinating woman!

Her descriptive writing flows easily and her love of nature is evident. I certainly wish my elementary science books were written so enthusiastically and by someone who loves nature!

She encourages students to not only study science, but go out and do some hands-on studying. "Perhaps, then you will know the use of this book. It is partly to tell you interesting facts about plants and animals of different kinds, and it is even more to ask you to look and find out all you can for yourself." 

You know when you have the question that asks, "if you could meet anyone from any time period, who would you like to meet?"  I think I would love to meet Edith Patch. I would love to sit with her and listen to her share her knowledge and love of nature. 

Of course, with my new/old book, I had to include some of my found nature items.  I used them to create this series of images for Kim's Be Still 52



  1. Cathy, this is fabulous! That old book is a treasure indeed, and your still lifes are beautiful. I collect similar objects, so these really speak to my heart, and I love all the ways you've arranged them.

  2. Sounds like a fascinating book. So glad you found it as I know it will be well loved. Some great nature finds too.

  3. What a fabulous find! And I love each little vignette that you created. Ms. Patch sounds like the kind of teacher we need today, doesn't she?

  4. A beautiful selection of photos, Cathy. There's a retro and romantic feel to them.

  5. What a great find, Cathy! It sounds like a wonderful book. Your photos illustrate your love of nature so beautifully. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love this old book and the way you have put it together. With all of our kindle and e-readers old books are not around much anymore so this is a wonderful find.

  7. I love how caught up and enthusiastic you get over your new finds - it makes me happy to read about your happiness. Love your object collections - so imaginatively composed, especially the close-ups of the feather.

  8. That is an excellent find. I always will love old books.

  9. That is exactly the kind of find I would love to discover at a flea market! Wonderful images to go with it too!


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