Wednesday, July 30, 2014


below in the dark damp earth they wait
until the moment when they must
burst forth

they struggle
they persevere

exploding through the surface
they seek light

the sun touches them

they bask in the warm rays

they shine

"The sudden appearance of mushrooms after a summer rain
is one of the more impressive spectacles of the plant world."
John Tyler Bonner


  1. I love seeing these, so many different colors and shapes, the ones we have showing up in the grass in the little park across the street from me I have been avoiding however. I am always with my dog and I am understanding they are extremely poisonous and since my little pup loves to smell everything I stay away.

  2. Mushrooms always intrigue me. They pop up when you least expect them and are such interesting plants. What would we do without them.

  3. What an amazing variety you have captured. I can smell the damp earth and the mushroomy fragrance of the forest.

  4. I have a real fondness for fungi! Not everyone things they're worth capturing but I'm glad you do and I love the variety here. Great work Cathy!

  5. Great fungi photos. I just read somebody else's blog that did a piece on mushrooms. My dog Riley just wants to mutilate them in our yard. Weird dog!

  6. they are fascinating, aren't they? nicely photographed.

  7. Cathy, every time I see a mushroom growing, I think of you and try to capture it with my camera, but my photos are never as good as these! This is a great collection of colors and textures.

  8. You have given me a new appreciation for mushrooms, Cathy! How do you manage to get down that low? Lovely shots!

  9. Great shots - you were down on the ground, right? We've been having days of rain - I expect ours will now emerge, too. Such intriguing textures and shapes!


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