Saturday, August 2, 2014


It seems that every time I go to the grocery store
I yield to temptation.
I fold under the pressure of "got to have it!"  

Where is my strength? My willpower?

It's not the color or smell that attracts me.
Not even the packaging.

It's the taste...the sweet, but slightly tart flavor.

It's the crunchy outside;
the smoothness of the creamy center.

It seems I'm addicted to...
Lemon Cream Oreo Cookies!

Yesterday was grocery day.
Did I yield?


I'm in the midst of several different things right now.
Kim Klassen's Be Still 52 year long class
Kim Manley Ort's Adventures in Seeing 
Amanda's Write Now class
Susannah Conway's The August Break 2014

Overwhelming?  Not really, they all seem to tie together so well. The August Break is to simply take a photograph every day during August. Susannah is providing prompts this years. This month, if at all possible, I'd like to share my photos and words each day. The photos I post for August Break will be a combination of capturing daily moments, Susannah's prompts, and images from the classes I'm taking. I'll also be including some writing from Amanda's daily prompts. For today's post I combined Amanda's writing prompt "yield" and Susannah's photo prompt "lunch." Not that those cookies were my lunch, but the were my dessert!  I'm looking forward to a month filled with creativity!


  1. I don't know what Oreos taste like as I've never seen them over here! The word 'yield' is an excellent one as it can be used in completely different ones! Have a great weekend!

  2. My dear friend this is going to be such a month of tremendous growth for you. I can see it already after only one week of Amanda's class. I have never had Lemon Cream Oreos. I am not really a lemon person, just give me chocolate, but I bet my dad would like them, so maybe I will have to get him some.

  3. It will be fun to see how you combine these various prompts for August Break. Have a wonderful month!

  4. Now that is one Oreo that wouldn't temp me, I like the others but this one nope not this one. Your are busy with all these classes, wow good for you. Fun that you are taking a image a day for August.

  5. Ah, we all have something that is our temptation - mine is chocolate. Love this pic - they are tiny little miracles of sugary beauty! You are going to be quite busy during August - I look forward to seeing the results of all your classes as you share them here. (I will be taking a comment break in August - know that I will be here following along, enjoying your work, without words - will see you on the other side!)


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