Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

In the shadow of a large tree this beautiful dragonfly found a sunny spot to rest. Such beauty! The translucent wings of a dragonfly always amaze me. Notice how frayed the two on the left are.

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A Little Randomness

All my random images come from the same place this week. The Two Rivers walking bridge opened and I've been meaning to go check it out. Meaning to for at least three years, that's how long it's been open. It's one of those things that the time never seemed right. Finally this week I decided it was time. I envisioned a walk along the river in the cool woods. That wasn't the case.

The bridge leads to a park that is at the junction of the Arkansas River and the Little Maumelle River. Below is the Arkansas River.

I thought that if you named a trail The River Trail that it probably was close to the river. Not on this section it wasn't. After I crossed the bridge I walked for an hour and a half before I saw water again. Thankfully, when I got to the water there was a bench where I could rest and enjoy the peaceful Little Maumelle River before I had to walk an hour and a half back to the car!

Mostly what I walked across were open fields. By the time I came to this mound, I was hot and tired and almost didn't follow the path to the top. I finally convinced myself that I needed to walk on up there in case there was a good view of the river. I didn't see the river, but I did find something unusual.

A sundial scratched in the surface where your own shadow tells the time. I was there shortly after twelve.

One of the highlights of the walk were the deer. They seem comfortable with people around. They never startled, just took their time crossing the trail. My dad would be so jealous. He loves to spot deer.

It wasn't the cool, refreshing walk by the river I expected, but I did enjoy parts of it;  the deer,  birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and resting in the shade by the river. At least it's something I can cross off my "go to" list! 


  1. All great shots but I love the reflection of the bridge - it's awesome!

  2. I agree with Barb all great shots, dragonfly is on my list of must get, and like the comp of #3 especially.

  3. All beautiful images! But the dragonfly is AMAZING!

  4. What a lovely walk - even if it was hotter and longer than you'd expected! I just love those blue skies with expressive fluffy clouds! What a fun sun dial too!

  5. The river views really are beautiful - I love those first two, and especially like the contrast of the brightly colored bridge with all the cool greens and blues. That dragonfly shot is amazing - I did notice his worn wings. I guess he's had an adventuresome life. And lucky you to spot some deer. That always gives me a thrill.

  6. This is a simply fantastic collection of photos, Cathy. That dragonfly is mesmerizing. And the bridge reflection is perfect. It looks like it was just a super day for taking photos. Nice job!

  7. Wonderful photos! Love the deer image - and the blue sky in image number 4 - awesome!

  8. Well, Cathy, I certainly enjoyed accompanying you - I didn't get hot, thirsty, or tired! I 'm glad you got to see that sundial! (It's always best to go to the top - just so you don't miss something awesome!)

  9. Love the detail of the dragonfly wing. My favorite shot is your shadow with the sundial...simple yet says a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I dislike trails and roads that say River and then you never see it. Good for you to persevere to get to the top and see that sundial.


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