Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

I had another chance to spend a few days with my daughter. She has the most beautiful roses. The old world kind that comes in rich colors, feels like velvet, and smells amazingly sweet!  As I was about to poke my nose in the blossom,  I spotted this beetle.  Even though they can be destructive, they are fascinating little insects with their iridescent elytra and green thorax and head. Not being an entomologist, I had to Google "beetles" to see what their body parts were called. The elytra serves as a protective wing-case for the hind wings, which are used for flying. The thorax, is the division that lies between the head and the abdomen. Sometimes we older generation balk at the new electronic world, but I do love Google. Makes me sound like I know some things!!
Thanks to Wikipedia for the above information.

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A Little Randomness

My daughter also has some other flowers in full bloom. Her Hibiscus are beautiful. This bloom happened to be behind a patio chair that was sitting in the bright morning light. You know me, I'm crazy about shadows.

I was looking for patterns for one of my classes and spotted this guy. It was rather hard to get his picture as he swayed on the long stemmed clover flower.  If you look in the section of his wing that has white at the bottom, you can see heart shapes.

I can't seem to take enough pictures of barb-wire fences. The tendrils of the muscadine bush seems almost alive as they wrap themselves around the wire. 

While at my daughter's we had a such great time at the pool with all five of our grandsons. We pretty much had the pool to ourselves, which was just find with me. I think the afternoon heat kept everyone away. I just wish the bees had stayed home! Rose of Sharon bushes are not the best choice for planting around a swimming pool.  

Speaking of bees...we haven't seen too many around home. My Queen Bee must be scaring them away.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Cathy, it looks like you are having a great vacation at your daughter's home! Lucky you with five grandchildren! Love your Queen Bee ... cute! And I have those same beetles on my roses ... several times a day I go out with a container of water and plop them in ... otherwise they would help themselves to the whole bush!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, what a nice visit you had! So happy you had the opportunity and I love your 'finds'!

  3. Those beetles use to drive me crazy when we had a rose of sharon bush. Thankfully they don't seem to like my vegetables that are in that spot now.

  4. I'm loving your #1 photo--the light and texture through the hibiscus petal is its own bit of magic!


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