Saturday, March 31, 2012

This One's For You, Jake!

It just amazes me how much work a boy can do when he's having fun!! Our oldest grandson, Jake, was allowed to drive Gramp's Kubota. Now don't worry, we're always right there with him, he's wearing a seat belt (did you know tractor's have seat belts?), and he drives very carefully. Gramps has taught him well! He drove around for a while and the next thing we knew he had stopped at the edge of woods, got off and began picking up dead limbs and logs. He loaded them on the mowing deck and took them to our burn pile. When you live in the country, there's always a burn pile!!

I love this shot!! Drew and Josh following the tractor with big brother Jake watching to make sure they're not getting to close! I love Josh's arm around Drew!  They're pretty good buddies!

After clearing out a lot of short logs he and I decided to drag out some fallen trees. I tied on the strap and he pulled them to the pile.

Gramps and I burned the pile one day this week.  I have a little trick for starting fires. I save dryer lint. I will stop and say this KEEP YOUR LINT IN YOUR DRYER CLEANED OUT!!! It is highly flammable! I started this fire with two handfuls of lint and two matches!. You would be shocked to see how fast dryer lint flames up! OK, off my soap box, but please do be careful with your lint!  At the end of the day there was just a pile of smoldering ashes!

Jake, you don't know how much we appreciate all the hard work you did for us!!  Gramps and I would have been very sore after getting on and off the tractor as many times as you did and picking up all those logs! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! If I could hug your neck through this computer I would!!

Love you!!


  1. This looked so good and fine to see, the boy who has fun, the little ones what are with him too, it is if I see my boy's helping my dad, already passed away for about 5 years, my boy's already reached the age of 21 and next month 25 but this moments are so good to remember.

  2. I love reading these stories from your life. You photograph them and write them so well!

  3. I love this...not only is it good to see him learning valuable things from his grandparents, but it brings back so many happy memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

  4. What a great post! Jake will be so excited to read it! He was so proud to tell his daddy all about driving the Kubota and hauling the logs. That's a pretty impressive fire. Thanks for sharing! (Oh, sorry I'm just now computer wasn't updating your blog. I wondered why you weren't posting!)


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