Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break

 All four of our grandsons were here to celebrate spring break.  A very wet spring break!!  This is where we piled our shoes when we came in the front door!  There were more shoes in the pile than we had feet!!  Hmmm...I see two pair of mine!

We celebrated Drew and Josh's fifth birthday. I can't believe they're five!!! They both got T-ball sets from us. We usually give them the same things; less envy that way. When they're older we may do things differently.  They did have to share the bases!   Aunt Aimee and Aaron are checking out the gifts.

On a very rainy day, we decided to take my daughter's boys to spend their Christmas gift cards. On the way there we saw this train coming down the track and parked so the boys could watch it!  There aren't any trains that run through their small town! Drew, the one on the far right, is absolutely obsessed with trains! You can see the joy on his face!!

Our first stop was Toys R Us.  We pretty much had the whole store to ourselves!  Not too many people want to shop in the rain!  If you don't mind, please don't tell the people there that we played in the cars!!  We saw no "keep off" signs anywhere! They had a blast, sitting in every vehicle!! I'm likin' that yellow one!!

Then, the serious shopping began! Up and down every aisle we went! I was surprised, they stuck with they're first choices!! The wait until we got home and could open those boxes was excruciating!!

 All three of them bought Lego sets; all with some type of trailer. This was a great thing to do on this rainy day!  I don't know how many times we had to rebuild them; they would get dropped or stepped on!  Right before they went home, I rebuilt each one just to make sure they had all the pieces. We were missing a jeep bumper which I'm still looking for! It will show up some day, I'm sure!!

The rain finally stopped at the end of the week. We stayed outside as much as possible.

We did a little of everything!
1. Drew and Josh played "spies" out in the woods. They were Agent D and Agent J. Such creative minds!! 
2. Aaron got to drive the Gator all by himself!!  Such a big boy!! All of the boys have had such a hard time watching where they are going. They want to see where they've been.
3. One of my favorite things to do when Jake is here is to have him take me for a four-wheeler ride in the woods behind our house. This trail is an old abandoned railroad bed complete with a trestle!  It's a great and safe place to ride!
4. Jake worked clearing dead trees and limbs from the edge of our property. He was a terrific driver! His Gramps taught him well and he does wear a seat belt. We now have a humongous pile of wood to burn!  Gramps and I have been meaning to clean this area for a long time, but, we kept putting it off!  It looks so much better and we didn't have to do the work. Jake didn't seem to mind working as long as he could drive the Kubota! I only had to tie and untie the strap that pulled the larger trees!  Thank you, Jake!!

It was a wonderful, fun week!!
I was tired and a sore when the week was over,
but it was worth it!!


  1. What a week! I can see the love and fun in every shot. How lucky that you were able to spend so much time with them. With the added benefit of tree-clearing :)

  2. Lots of love here. Makes me yearn for the days when my son was little. He's 21 now, but he'll always be my little boy. Looks like you had a wonderful time, loving every precious moment!

  3. Wow, Grandma! I can feel your fatigue - as well as your happiness! Your photos just really capture all the precious time you spent.

    Now load up on the ibuprofen and have a good long nap...

  4. Cathy, it sounds like a terrific week. I'm glad the weather finally gave you a break. So good to hear about kids using their imaginations! Playing "spies" was one of my and my brother's favorite pastimes as kids.

  5. Love, love, love this post! What great photos from a great week. The shoe pile really made me laugh. I see 2 pair of my shoes in there too! :) I also love the photo of the boys watching the train. They were thrilled! Great memories of a great spring break.


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