Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Delightful Spring

Spring is a delightful time of the year! I like the word "delightful", doesn't it just seem springy? After the starkness of winter it's such a delight to see springs colors and to listen to the brooks running swiftly from the spring rains.  It seems our spring came very early this year. Most of my blooming trees, shrubs, and flowers are already gone. I did post about them here if you'd like to see them.

In the past I've gone through spring looking at the beautiful trees and bushes enjoying their beauty. This year I kept my eyes on the ground and focused on the tiny delights. I've never seen this little wildflower and had to Google it to find out that it is Wood Sorrell. I'm amazed at the beauty of God's world now that I "see" through photographer's eyes! 
(I've posted this photo on my blog already! I hope you don't mind the repeat, but I just love these little flowers!)

I was still able to find some color in my yard. My azaleas are blooming rather nicely. Seems they really like the milder winter. Isn't this a delightful color? It's my favorite!

My wisteria always delights me with its shades of purple, especially when it shimmers in the morning dew.

In my shade garden, the hostas have begun to push their way out of the soil in just the last few days. They are such a delightful shade of green!
Spring blooms and blossoms don't seem to last long enough! Along with the blooms come the spring rains that cause the delicate petals to fall to the ground. We've had so many rainy days that getting outside to capture the spring beauty has been difficult. I found this quote that expresses how I feel.

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. ~Doug Larson

I'm linking this post to a wonderful blog created by several of my online photography friends called Focusing On LifePlease drop by and visit them. They always have beautiful photography and such thought provoking musings! Just click on their name above and prepare to be inspired!!

Wishing you a Delightful Spring!!


  1. Your photos are spectacular. I especially love the last one. Have a delightful day.


  2. Oh, Cathy, these photos are beyond gorgeous! I can't choose a favorite even if I try. Thanks so much for being a follower of Focusing on Life. You are definitely a wonderful contribution to the group!

  3. Spring is so much fun! Such an adventure to see what is starting to bloom. Lovely photos all shouting SPRING!!!

  4. Oh Cathy! You have really out done yourself here! I love every picture! The focus is perfect! The dew drops are so sweet and of course there's the bokeh! Well done!


  5. Cathy--- First time stopping by your blog I think and it looks WONDERFUL!!

    Thank you so much for your support of FOL and always bringing a smile to my face. Your smile is infectious!


  6. These are "delightful" - Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, Spring really has come to your neck of the woods if the wisteria is out. Lucky, Lucky you. Gorgeous shots!

  8. oh wow cathy! beautiful photos (as usual). :) hostas + water droplets + bokeh = stunning! :) oh and btw - delightful is one of my very favorite words. :)

  9. Cathy - Love your spirit and your photos - I Can't believe the little white ones are "weeds" - they're so pretty!
    Thanks for visiting and supporting FOL - I love having you there!
    Peace and hugs,

  10. Cathy - LOVE that quote you found! Whistling, delightful, wood sorrels and those hosta shoots with the rain drops on them - SPRING has sprung and you've expressed it so magically!! Happy Spring to you!

  11. thank you for taking us on a tour of your amazing yard! would love to visit :~)
    i really like the hosta poking out of the ground!

  12. Your spring pictures are delightful! I like your idea of looking down. The sorrell is so pretty!

  13. Cathy - I think that is the best quote I've ever read about spring. Love the hostas pushing through - you have captured amazing details.

  14. Beautiful shots Cathy! I love seeing the Hostas coming to life. Thank you for linking with us!


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