Saturday, March 24, 2012

Play Ball

Aaron and I played out in the beautiful sunshine!! 
A little too warm for Gramma, but perfect for Aaron. 
He decided to play a little T-ball.

Aaron gets his ball and places it on the "T".

"I am Wilson #4" he shouts.
(Let me explain, Wilson plays on the University of Arkansas
Razorback football team as their quarterback.
Aaron loves Wilson!)

"In the bat mobile!"
Bat mobile??
(Maybe he thinks they carry bats in the bat mobile.)

He swings the bat.

 The ball is hit!

"Fumble!!" he yells, "Wilson fumbles!" 

"It looks like a fumble to me!!"
This is exactly what he said as he was looking at the ground.

He throws his bat
(I guess he's been watching some real baseball)
and excitedly yells

Over and over he did this!
It was the most interesting and the fun game of T-ball I've ever seen!!

Ah, that we could be like a child,
play the game the way we want,
no rules, just plain old fun!!


  1. Cathy - this was completely hysterical - I loved it! We could all learn something from Aaron about how to play. (I'm still laughing - thanks to you and Aaron for making my day)

  2. Great Action Man shots of your little hero.

  3. Cathy, this is awesome! Little ones have such vivid imaginations. Wish I lived nearer so I could see more!


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