Thursday, October 27, 2011


What would the world be without textures? Flat, lifeless, dull.  I like to look up the definition of words, even words I know. The definition of texture is "the visual and especially tactile quality of a surface." In my words, what we can see and what we can touch on a surface is texture. Our latest exploration for Exploring With A Camera is to find texture. As you know, I’m a nature photographer. I like the sound of that let me say it again…I’m a nature photographer. Someone pointed that out to me just yesterday and if felt really good!!! Nature is filled with texture! That is one of the reasons I love nature photos. For this exploration, though, I decided to stray away from nature and find texture on other surfaces. Now, I did include a couple of nature shots, how could I not!!
I leave you with textures!

old rusty vehicles are a great place to find texture

weather wood, pealing paint, and interesting door handle

iron work, fabric, leather, shoestrings

I know you've seen this before,
but I wanted an example of
textures in fabrics and stitching and this is perfect.

This is my favorite, a magnolia pod.
Lots of textures here. Just look at the textures on the stem, the soft, fluffy pod, and the smoothness of the seeds. There's also grass and dirt.

Of course during this season I had to include a pumpkin!!


  1. Lots of texture here ~ I can 'feel it' ~ Great photos! ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor) linked w/Exploring w/Cam

  2. Love your explorations outside nature - rust and peeling paint! But of course, you excel at nature captures - the stem on that pumpkin looks like an alien creature, making its escape!

    And yes, you certainly deserve the title of Nature Photographer - wear it with pride!

  3. I love your collection of texture photos. I had a good time going thru my stash to find a random sampling too - there's such an unending variety. Beautiful images!

  4. Great textures here, Cathy! Love that one of the old rusty car.

  5. Wonderful examples of textures, Cathy! Good for you for stepping out of your usual focus and doing something new. I love the manhole cover, but my favorite is the handle on the door.

  6. Excellent examples of texture! Love the car grill.

  7. So many great textures!! I like that you looked at your usual and also beyond. I like the one of your feet on the manhole - fun! Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera.

  8. Love your texture collection - all very nicely done! My favorites are the first two. Great compositions, color, wonderful vintage pieces, and of course the texture!!!


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