Saturday, October 15, 2011

One, Two, Three, Four Grandsons!!!!

It's time for some grandson pictures.
We've been together recently to celebrate a couple of birthdays.

Jake turned nine this year!
Very hard for me to believe that!!
He made a wish list at Toys R Us and about half of it was remote control vehicles!!
Uncle Randy, Aunt Aimee and Aaron came through for him with a remote car!!

He's wanted a pogo stick for a long time.
Gramps and I got him one.
It took him a little bit to get familiar with it!
All the concrete we have is this sidewalk, so there wasn't much room to jump around.
 I've heard he's gotten pretty good at it since he's been home!
They have a nice concrete driveway for jumping!!

I mentioned birthday's plural.
It was our son, Randy's birthday.
He turned 29.
That's his little 2 yr. old boy, Aaron, helping him open his gifts!

We spent a lot of time outside, the weather was beautiful.
Jake practiced football with his Dad.
He's playing on a team this year.
I think football makes his mother nervous.
I know when our son played I was nervous!!
But, other than bruises and bumps he did OK and really enjoyed it!!

Of course, if we're outside the Kabota has to come out of the barn.
Drew is always happy when the Kabota is out!
He doesn't care if he is riding with one of us or just sitting on the tractor.
He just loves to stay on it!!
Sometimes it's a little hard to get him off!

I just loved it when Drew stood by this tree and said "Gramma, get your camera and take my picture!" 
I was very happy to do just that!!
Boys are not always willing subjects to photograph!!
They don't have time to have their picture taken!!

Josh is our musical man.
He's checking out Jake's new drum set even before it was out of the box.
He's clicking the sticks together before he begins to play.
One, two, three, four!!
I wonder if the tongue really helps!!

He's also a pretty cool dude!
He does like to have his photo taken and always gives me these wonderful poses!!

Aaron, our littlest, loves to play in the dirt.
I mean really loves the dirt.
He digs his hands in it and buries his trucks under it!
He loves to just cup his hands full of dirt and through it over and over!!
Even though he loves dirt, he really stays pretty clean!!
Thoses khaki pants aren't dirty at all!

He also loves my new potting shed!
He goes in the front door, runs to the side door, opens it and yells "surprise" over and over again. 
He never gets tired of this!!
Of course, I don't get tired of acting like he surprised me, either!!

We had a fun time together.
Grandchildren make my heart sing!!
I love these boys!!


  1. Cathy,
    These are great photos! Thanks for sharing your family here. I totally understand that special love between grandchildren and grandparents. Enjoy each and every moment - looks like you already are!

  2. I loved the pictures. I know that you always make it very special with they come to grandma's house. Maybe in the near future we can get your grandchildren and my grandchildren together and play.

  3. Cathy, I loved seeing your grandboys this morning. Thanks for sharing your joy in them with us.

  4. You do have some good looking grandsons! :) I love the last one with Aaron yelling surprise! Too cute!


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