Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Photo Style

There are many things that inspire us to keep taking photos. One of them is our shooting style. I didn’t know I had one until I received the latest assignment from Kat’s Find Your Eye: Journey Of Inspiration. It makes sense that how comfortable we are with our camera influences our photography.

I travel fairly light. I carry a small bag, camera, spare battery, extra memory card, cleaning tools, notebook and pen. Although I have a large photo bag and two extra lens, I rarely take them with me. I have a tripod, but to me it’s just annoying…adjust this, make legs longer, adjust that, swivel this…too much trouble. I’m disappointed in that, I’ve found that I’m too shaky to hand-hold the camera with the zoom or the macro lens. I do keep practicing at home, maybe it will get easier!
I’m a morning person, which is a good thing since I love the soft morning light. I prefer outside light, but I do have a north facing window that gets fairly good light. As I look at images from others and even some of my own, I realize how important light is to a lovely photo.
I love being outside, so it's no surprise that my best photography is of nature. Many of my pictures are taken on our property and in the neighboring woods. But, also love to go to parks and gardens.
I love to just carry my camera. I rarely leave home without it any more. But, I’m equally excited about photo excursions. I find I get excited when I’m making a special trip just to take photos or when I’m out looking for a shot to fulfill a photo prompt. I give thanks to Kat for this!! She is the one that pushed me out of my comfort zone and into seeking new and wonderful places to take pictures.
I haven’t really settled on a style regarding what I like to photograph. I enjoy documenting everyday moments, family events such as birthdays, Christmas and outings with our grandchildren. I enjoy grabbing my camera and just going for a walk and I enjoy photographing with intention. Photo prompts and link-up groups are fun and keeps me looking for new things and fresh ideas. They also give me a chance to see other photographer's images. I enjoy trying to recreate the ones I really like. The image above is an example of being inspired by another’s work. I contacted her and she graciously explained how she achieved the shot. Then I gave it a try! Trying to recreate an image I like is a great learning tool.

I began my journey with a point and shoot and I still use it. It’s small and easy to tuck in my purse and takes pretty good macro shots. When I bought my first dSLR camera I started in auto and then began to learn manual. I find that with my grandchildren it’s always on auto. I don’t want to miss a moment just because I’m adjusting the camera settings. In my nature photography I go both ways right now. Most of the time I let the camera do the work. I use the auto+ and program mode a lot, because they give me more options. I also like to use the scene selection for landscape, sunset and macro. I am working on manual and practice using it on my excursions. If I had to pick between manual and auto right now, I would probably chose auto. At this point, the camera knows a whole lot more than I do!!

I’m usually alone when I’m taking pictures. Not necessarily by choice, I don’t know anyone nearby that has the same interest. If I’m with someone who doesn’t understand my photography, I feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed. I feel like others think I’m silly or weird! I also feel rushed since I hate to have someone waiting on me. Being with others with a like passion is fun. My sister and I have taken several photo days when we have a chance to be together.

All of these things combined are “my style”. When I’m being me and doing things in a way I enjoy, I’m the most comfortable and take photos that I love. As I learn more and grow my style may change. Who knows what may appeal to me further down the road of my journey.


  1. I so appreciate your comment "When I'm being me..." Kat's classes have shown me that being true to my self is what has the best impact on my photography. You said it so well.

    I like your images, your love of nature and family all shine through.

  2. I rather think your style is pretty interesting. LOVE the leaf Photo!

  3. The flowers that look like they are covered in sugar, is that frost? Wonderful pictures.

  4. I love where you are going with all of this, Kat's class has really pushed you and it shows. These shots are wonderful, and it is really fun to see how you have grabbed the bull by the horns and grown! The marble shot it just incredible, and I love, love, love, the last leaf shot. The shell, is just elegant in its simplicity and light I am the all by myself in my photographic endeavors, and I know how hard it is to not have anyone to bounce things off of, but you are doing a great job. Keep it up, You Are A Photographer!

  5. Cathy,
    What an amazing series of shots. The glowing, golden light inside that shell is otherworldly. The marble shot - oh how I wish I had taken that one! The luscious greens, the bokeh, the shadow/reflection. I am always inspired by your nature macros - you have such an eye for the tiniest details.

    And whenever I have a chance to photograph our grandson - the camera is ALWAYS on auto - he moves way to fast for me to capture any other way.

    I also completely understand about shooting with others - it throws me completely out of "photographer" mode.

    Such a well-written post - you clearly have defined your shooting style.

  6. Yay! You know what works for you. A perfect summation at the end, "When I’m being me and doing things in a way I enjoy, I’m the most comfortable and take photos that I love." Yep, you got it. I love that last photo, the leaf just starting to turn - color and light and detail - just wow! :)

  7. WoW! Your shell pic is amazing! I love how the light eliminates it! My mind is racing trying to figure out how I could get the morning sun to strike my shells that way. Your dew speckled flower, the green marbles...wonderful! Continue being you and doing what you's great!

  8. This is such a great post! Your close up images are fantastic. I love the shadow shot on the bridge as well, and well, grandkids-c'mon you can't lose with that. Those little cherub faces.
    I think you have a great knowledge of your style. Your idea to recreate photos you love is wonderful. I've received that advice several times, but have yet to listen. Maybe you reminded me will push me along. That marble shot came out fantastic.

  9. I really enjyed reading your post. These are all wonderful...shadow shots are one of my favorite things to shoot. But, I absolutely love that one of the marbles...plain gorgeous! It's almost abstract and the light just makes me smile.


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