Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Acorns

I had a little photo shoot with some acorns. They, of course, are everywhere!! You can barely walk in our pasture for all the large acorns on the ground. The ones that fascinate me, though, are the small ones from the Pin Oak Trees. I love their color and texture.

 an acorn and it's shadow

 golden glow of autumn

acorn cap
I linked the above photo to

baby food jar full of acorns

Acorns are annoying to walk on, fun to photograph, and I know the squirrels love them!

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Cathy,
    Those acorns were quite good subjects, sitting patiently while you snapped away :)

    Such wonderful textures and details you have revealed. Love the little guy and his shadow - which works quite well in B&W. The caps look like fairy hats.

  2. We love acorns here too... though I haven't thought to capture them on camera yet! Wonderful shots here! Love the details you've captured!

  3. I love these acorn pics. They certainly have fall written all over them! i just love the one you linked up to LEM photo challenge!

  4. Beautiful! Love the acorns in a babyfood jar. So pretty.

  5. Beautiful textures and autumn colours.

  6. I love acorns, they were such a part of my youth, and now that I live in a big city I never get to appreciate them. Fun pictures. Welcome to fall for sure now, especially with your second shot, true, true fall picture.

  7. These are really great, I love the detail in the acorns.

  8. These are great! Love the texture in the top photo and that you used a leaf to set the acorns on! Great job...again!

  9. You've really presented these beautifully. I was hoping to shoot some this weekend; you've set a high bar.


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