Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Sundries - Edition 21

two grandsons + me + three cameras = photo scavenger hunt
Two of my grandsons (the seven year old twins) spent the week with us while their mom and older brother went to church camp and dad worked. I tried to come up with a few fun things to do while they were here. I know they both like to take pictures so I decided to put together a Photo Scavenger Hunt. I compiled a list of 20 items we could look for.  We each took turns closing our eyes and pointing to the list to see what we were photographing next. I'll just show you a few examples of how we interpreted the things on the list. I think they were both very creative.
white rock



water reflection - Drew captured his brother's reflection and Josh captured a granddaddy long-legs. It's in the upper right corner.

something blue
Together we took a total of 251 pictures and had the best time. If you have children or grandchildren this is a great summer activity!


  1. What fun you all had and yes, very creative shots too by the twins! Wonderful!

  2. This is beyond awesome, Cathy! The photos are terrific. I think I'll do this with Campbell one day before school starts, make a picnic and do a photography scavenger hunt. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What a lovely thing to do. love the first shot with the boys, they're looking very focussed.
    I like the different shots from the prompts. nice.

  4. Love this! Mallory and I did that one Spring Break when she was still in high school. We had a great time. I love seeing the comparisons of each of your shots. Are you ready for class tomorrow?

  5. What a fantastic activity! Loved seeing how you each interpreted the prompts. The boys did a fantastic job! Oh, and you did too :)

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  7. Cathy, Thanks so much for this great idea. My Grands will love it! I often do treasure/scavenger hunts, but this is a different twist. I think you might have some budding photographers in your family!

  8. Oh this was fun. I loved seeing what each of you came up with and how different the photo's were even when you were taking pictures of the same subject (like the bike tire). Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great idea this was, and so stimulating for your grandsons to really appreciate photography, and to see the world around them. Great fun!

  10. Such a inspiring post, Cathy, and this would be so fun to do with my grands. Love each and everyone of them. I will have to keep this idea in my back pocket for future use.

  11. What a sweet way to share your passion with your grandchildren!

  12. What a fantastic grandma you are! How wonderful to share photography with your grandsons and make it so much fun!
    When my grandkids get a little older, we will have a scavenger hunt. Thanks!

  13. What a fun and creative idea! Like other commenters, it was interesting to see how different the photos were even when they were often the same subject.

    So, when all is said and done, who had the most fun with this project?

  14. What a fun, creative project! Like other commenters, I was interested to see how different the photos were even though it was often the same subject.

    So, when all is said and done, who had the most fun?


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