Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Sundries - Edition 20

For one minute just
walk outside,
stand there
in silence,
look up at the sky
and contemplate
how amazing life is!
           ~ author unknown


  1. At first glance, this flower against the clouds in the sky looked like a giant snowflake! I know that summer isn't your favourite season, but snowflakes were pushing things a little far!!
    Yes, life is amazing, especially when it isn't hot and humid! We're getting glorious rain today and cool temperatures!
    Happy Sunday.

  2. That is because our God is amazing. Love the shot. Clear blue sky the plant looks so delicate. Another picture post card.

  3. Absolutely LOVE this - the perspective especially. It is like a tiny constellation of stars against a blue sky. Very creative. Great quote to go along with this lovely image.

  4. Yes! I have to agree ... lovely photo! After two days of welcomed rain, nice and steady, our skies have cleared and are awesome. I need to show them to my camera.

  5. What a wonderful capture of the sky, Cathy! Just beautiful! We are having lots of clouds, and fog....when the skies clear I do go out and enjoy the sun. Perfect quote.

  6. I love this beautiful burst against the blue sky!

  7. Good Morning Cathy, missed this yesterday, love queen anne's lace and boy what a beauty of a sky, have a wonderful week.

  8. This is wonderful and yes Life is Amazing and precious.

  9. Lovely photo. I love to lie in the grass with a dog beside me and just look at the sky, so peaceful.

  10. What a great perspective - both the photograph and the thought.

  11. I somehow missed this earlier, but I'm glad to see it now.

    The blue sky and fluffy clouds are the perfect backdrop for the plant.


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