Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Taking The Long Road Home

I am never, ever disappointed when I travel the back roads of Arkansas.  Of course, I'm partial, but it is a beautiful state filled with mountains, valleys, quaint old towns, and delightful surprises. Recently I went on a photo excursion on the way home from my daughter's house. Instead of the fastest way, I took the LONG scenic route home.
My first stop was in Norfork. My husband had told me about this historic home standing high on a bluff overlooking the White River. He said he knew I'd want to photograph it.
This restored log cabin belonged to Major Jacob Wolf. Wolf built the cabin in the early 1800's to serve as post office and county seat. After the county seat was moved it became  his family dwelling. Wolf House is a dogtrot house which historically consisted of two log cabins connected by a breezeway or "dogtrot" all under a common roof. The breezeway provided a cooler covered area for sitting.

On his property, Major Wolf also had his own cabin,  a tavern (inn), blacksmith shop, woodworking shop, and a store. He took full advantage of the river traffic.
When I'm looking for places to visit, it's the big picture that draws me to a location, but often times it's the details that catch my eye; the peeling paint, the rust, the grunge, and the varied textures.
As I traveling on toward home, I spotted the Old Historic Galatia Church. The sign says it was built in 1886, but as you can tell there's siding on it now.
And, behind the church I found the "out house."  Yes, we do have a few of these around that are still being used. This one is for the "sisters". The "brothers" use one at the far end!
Next, stop was in the town of Calico Rock. East Calico Rock was a primarily the industrial section of town, first as a  landing for steamboats and later the railroad. The area that was once the center of all the hustle and bustle of trade has been abandoned. The buildings are vacant, some are only shells. The foundations are overgrown with weeds and wild vines. Even the railroad spur has been abandoned. It's kind of sad to walk down these once busy streets and see nature taking over.
My last stop of the day was in Batesville. When I wander around the older downtown areas there are always a few things I look for like shaped windows and reflections.

I also look for old signs.

My favorite signs are the "ghost signs" which are old hand-painted advertising signage found on the sides of usually brick buildings. This one is pretty odd. It looks like it's been painted over, but the underneath paint has seeped back through.

From there I headed home.  It normally takes me a little over three hours to get home, but this day it took nine! Once I get going I just can't seem to stop.


  1. An interesting series, Cathy. I like the log cabin with the breezeway, the details on the doors and those old signs and advertisements!

  2. Taking a virtual drive with you is just as wonderful as the walks you take us on. Many Thanks!

  3. Oh what a wonderful trip for you. Good for you to be so adventurous! I want to go to East Calico Rock, everything I love to photograph is there. Fascinating about the dog trot cabin, thanks so much for sharing the information.

  4. What fun - this long adventure home! You found so many wonderful things to photograph. Of course, I love the reflections in those lovely arched windows. And your collection of signs - as a graphic designer, I love seeing the old fonts and layouts.

  5. You live in a part of the country I've never visited. It's very beautiful! I can't tell you how much I enjoy these excursions of yours, and seeing it through your eyes.

  6. Oh so glad you got to travel and see this little part of history in your state. Love the out houses.

  7. What a fun photo outing, Cathy! I love these old buildings too, and the details are even better. Wonderful textures on the roof shot. You are capturing images of the relics of the 20th century that will be disappearing soon. The old signs are such classics, I'm so glad you got those pix too. Thanks for taking us along on your outing.

  8. Boy you did take the "scenic" route if it took you 9 hours to get home. Worth it though for these interesting shots. Love the old buildings and signs. I like Ghost signs too. That one was pretty neat looking.

  9. Your photos make me want to join you for a photo walk! Your state does seem filled with beauty of both the natural and manmade variety. I love the detail shots of the historic buildings, the reflections in the modern windows and, especially, the old signs you shared with us.


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