Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

heart beating a little faster
chill bumps
Those words don't even begin to  describe my feelings when I saw this gorgeous American Bald Eagle. I've seen eagles in captivity, but never in the wild. The feelings that washed over me are just indescribable!  I had seen this nest a couple of times, but was never fortunate enough to see the eagle.  The nest is probably six feet across and in the fork of an enormous tree. Those aren't little twigs the nest is made of, but limbs and branches. On a recent trip to Northern Arkansas I took my sister hoping we would get lucky this time and spot an eagle and we did!  Not only did we see the parent, but we finally spotted the eaglet. Thrilling! I'm so grateful we were able to find and see this majestic bird. (This find was from a couple of weeks ago, but I never got to share it, so I'm sharing it today! Forgive the lateness.)
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Randomness from the week:
I made a quick trip to my daughter's this week to see my oldest grandson in his school program. The program, that featured Broadway music, was wonderful and so uplifting. These kids are fantastic singers!  Anyway, one of the stops we had to make before the program was at their library where they were quick to point out this fascinating sculpture and it's shadow. The boys know how much I like shadows.  Isn't this a fantastic shadow for a library wall? I can't imagine how those square books come from all those circles and shapes!
On the way home I took a couple of photo detours. Our family has a love of all things railroad. It started with our son and continues with all our grandsons. You show me railroads, bridges, and water and I'm a happy camper!

Look what I spotted growing wild along the road under the bridge...these pretty hot pink and yellow columbine flowers. Hundreds of these sturdy plants were growing along the rocky ledge.

My photo detours often lead me to older downtown areas looking for historic buildings. I seem to always find such wonderful surprises tucked away. This time it was a little park in between two buildings. On each wall was a display of beautiful mosaic pieces featuring the sun.  I would love to know who the artist is, but there were no signs!

I'm trying not to be envious of these wonderful windows and their large ledges! 

I hope to bring you a little more of my photos from my detour next week. I just can't seem to find time to keep everything going!  But, I'll try!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. All absolutely wonderful "finds"! We are awestruck when we see bald eagles but I've never really seen one on a nest - it's beautiful. I love all your random photos - everything looks so springy! And that shadow?! beyond fascinating - I wonder how that happens!

  2. Your week was so full of fun and exciting things Cathy! The bald eagle sighting is such a grand experience!! Love the stone building and wide flower filled window sills! Those wild columbines must be spectacular! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. These are gorgeous! Great capture of the eagle - wow! - and I love the mosaics and window sills. Happy weekend to you. :)

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  5. How totally awesome, I think I would pee my pants if that happened to me and the eagle, truly wonderful

  6. The eagle was a wonderful sight for you! So majestic. The columbine is one of my favorite flowers!

    Sorry, I had to delete the previous comment as I made so many typos in it.

  7. Hi Cathy, It's great to catch up with you - love your finds and randomness this week. Do you know seeing an eagle is good luck? (You probably get 2X the luck for the eaglet! What a great library sculpture and reflection (it makes me want to reflect).

  8. i love the brick & stone within your post. i guess for me bald eagles hold such memories, honor, respect, courage, they are amazing birds. i see them often in our area. i had heard they are endangered list again or at least close to it. that sounds so sad. i worry about this world & our wild creatures. ( :

  9. Super post. First I am so happy for you spotting that amazing Bald Eagle and getting a photo of it. I would have been thrilled too.
    Great finds on your outing as well. That is such a cool shadow and seriously those weird wires all twisted cast a book shadow, fascinating.
    Such a pretty Bridge Scene and the Columbine's are just lovely too. I also liked the Sun Mosaic. That was a great find as well.

  10. How wonderfully thrilling to capture the eagle. That library shadow is quite wondrous - love it! And I love the results of your photo detours.

  11. Fantastic photo of the eagle, truly exciting. I love all of your "detour" shots, nice to be able to do that.

  12. Look at you just traveling all over the place! Awesome!!

  13. The eagles were indeed an exciting find! And the rest of your list is pretty good, too! I hear ya on those wide windowsills, such a beautiful feature in old buildings.

  14. it is so thrilling to see an eagle ... I was lucky enough to spot them this winter here in Illinois ... so exciting! And I Love those window sills filled with flowers ... so cool!

  15. That library sculpture with its book-shadow is amazing. How on earth does anyone think of that, nevermind actually make it? The sun mosaics are interesting, but I love the colors and texture of that old stone wall they're attached to. You always find such interesting and beautiful subjects on your detours!

  16. Your Friday Finds posts are always a spot of sunshine and cheer. This week's fave: the window ledges graced by beautiful, bright flowers.


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