Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

What can one do on a rainy day?
The best thing I know is to go to the flea market!
What does one look for at the flea market?
Photography props, of course!
Did one find anything to bring home?
Oh yes, this pretty wooden bowl to put my spools in!
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A Little Randomness
I went for a walk on Monday morning and this is what I saw.
This is what I saw on Tuesday morning...rain!

This is what I saw on Wednesday morning...more rain!
This is what I saw on Thursday afternoon....lots of rain with the sun rainbow though!
I started Kim Klassen's class Be Still Fifty-Two. It's a year long class focusing on stillness.  My hopes for this class are that I'll slow down, take a deep breath, and really look at what I'm wanting to photograph before I snap the shutter. I have a tendency to just snap away and hope I get one good image. In the slowing down process, I want to really look at and consider the light, which in essence is what photography is all about.  It should be an inspiring  journey. The  photo below was the first one I posted for the class. Nature in any form or shape makes me take a deep breath and "be still."


  1. Beautiful images, Cathy. I love that rainy one - wow! that's a lot of rain. I'm in the Be Still class too ... something I really need.

  2. I do love those old wooden spools and wished I had kept all of mine! Rainy days make us inventive and there's something calming about them too!

  3. I love your wooden bowl and spools! A great photo prop. My, you have had a lot of rain. We've had some but nowhere near what you've had. And those shells ... well, you know I love them! {PS - My husband cares for the garden flowers, he doesn't mind the heat. I'm in charge of the potted flowers.}

  4. I like your rain studies - I have been grousing about our rainy days, avoiding my photography "because its raining" but obviously I need to get out there and get wet! :) Can't wait to see the results of your "being still" - I have that tendency as well - to be in too much of a hurry.

  5. It looks like your May showers are bring the flowers. Stillness - a topic I also like to explore. I'll be looking forward to the postings about what you're learning.

  6. oh we have had the same kind of wet, rainy, cold weather here in chicagoland ... in fact today there was snow! :~( Love your bowl you found at the flea market ... I too am always on the look out for props! Love your be still photo ... looks like it is going to be another great class!

  7. We had a rainy week about 2 weeks ago so I can relate. I must say that full rain shot was pretty neat looking. Your still life of the shells is lovely.

  8. Love your new bowl and the spools it contains, and your post for Be Still is just beautiful. I'm in the class too but, as usual, I am behind.

  9. What a great way to organize your post - photos by the weekdays. Wonderful that you found inspiration even on the rainy days. I am a quilter, so the bowl with the spools of thread is my favorite for today!

  10. I love your spools of empty thread collection. So great to be in a class with you in Be Still.


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